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MyOfficePortal.org is a non-profit establishment aiming to provide all you need to know regarding the office supplies and printing industry.

On our pages you will find printing related topics, such as printer reviews, printing news, photo printing tips, printer buying guides, etc. You can also find basic information about how printers work, printer types, type of ink cartridges, office supplies, office supply stores, and more at Printer Basics & Information section. If you are looking for information specifically about printer ink cartridges ribbons, toners, refill kits, you may want to visit Inks, Toners, Ribbons, Refill Kits section.

Our extensive How To’s section will give you useful information from basic to advanced level. You can find how to connect printers wirelessly, how to find printer drivers, how to refill your ink cartridges and even some troubleshooting like how to deal with paper jam. However, if you are looking for how to fix common printer errors, cartridge problems, please visit Printer & Ink Troubleshooting section.

We also have HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Dell, Brother printer information, reviews and comparison for your convenience. Along with the printer reviews you can also find most popular multifunction printers, photo printers even scanners and fax machines list. Check out Printer Models, Reviews & Comparison for more information.

If you are looking for office tools like software, home office essentials, gadgets, photo printing tools or some useful tips such as how to save ink and paper at office or printer buying guides, you should check out Tips & Tools section. We have also some Creative Printing Ideas, and some Fun Stuff that gives you the needed information about how to create postcards, invitations, gifts, scrapbooking, memories and even a cake with your printer.

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