10 Great Uses of Label Makers

Label maker software programs and devices provide a cost-effective yet attractive way to label all of your stuff. There are so many great uses for label makers. Here are just 10 of these uses.

1. Address Stickers

With the holiday season coming up, it is time to start writing down those Christmas greeting cards and thank you notes. Instead of having to write your address on each and every envelope, you can use label makers to create stickers containing your name and address. One great label maker software program that you can try is Label Maker Pro. This software program can be downloaded from the Internet and be used right away. It has a very user-friendly interface to help you create labels through your computer.

2. Name Tags

Label makers are also extremely handy when it comes to creating name tags for seminars and conferences. Stand alone label makers, such as the Brother PT-65 P-touch Home, are extremely portable and convenient to use. All you will need to do is simply type the name of the attendee and attach it on the ID card for the event.

3. CD and DVDs

CDs and DVDs make a great souvenir to give out at parties or special events. These would also make wonderful gifts to give to your loved ones and friends. With the use of a label making software program, you can easily create CD and DVD labels to customize your CDs and DVDs. A highly recommended label making software program that you should try for this is Advanced CD Label Maker. This user-friendly software program does not only allow you to create wonderful labels for your CDs and DVDs. It is also equipped to create covers and jewel cases for your CDs and DVDs. You can opt to design on your own or choose from any of the images in its comprehensive art gallery. This label maker software program is free of charge and could be downloaded over the Internet.

4. Product Packaging

If you have started your very own business, label makers can provide that extra professional look to your products. Some label maker devices would even allow you to create barcodes so that you could easily keep track of your inventory. One such label maker is the Zebra Desktop TLP 2844-Z. This label maker can easily create labels which include a barcode. Another label maker you can try for this is the Brother P-Touch PT-1750. This stand-alone label maker can print in both black and white and in color, making it perfect to label each of your products.

5. Storage Boxes

Have you ever had to go through different boxes trying to look where you kept your Christmas decorations? Label makers can help you label each and every box that you fill in order to make sure that you know which box contains what you may need.

6. School Supplies

Instead of writing down your information on each and every notebook and book that your child needs for school, why not use a label maker instead. Most label makers contain a feature to allow you to create multiple labels with the same information in just one click.

7. Scrapbook Making

Label makers can help avid scrapbook hobbyists label each and every photograph or keepsake included in these scrapbooks. This makes the scrapbook look cleaner and the scrapbook maker is less prone in making mistakes while labeling his or her scrapbook. This is because before you print out the label, label makers allow you to first check each label to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes.

8. Seminar Handouts

If you are preparing for a seminar and would like to provide the attendees with handouts, you can easily label these with the use of label makers. One of the many benefits of label makers is that they are able to print out labels a lot faster and in bulk. A perfect label maker to try out for this is the Esselte LabelWriter Twin Turbo Printer. This label maker can print out two labels at a time, making it a lot easier and faster if you need to prepare materials in bulk.

9. Business Documents

Although most communication between business partners is done via the Internet, there are still some instances when you would need to send these materials through postal mail. Using label makers to create labels for these documents serve two purposes: the first is that it is easily readable so you can be sure that the courier would know exactly where to send this. The second is that because you can create multiple labels at a given time, you can already make numerous copies of the label beforehand and then use this on a need be basis.

10. Brochures and Pamphlets

This is extremely beneficial for agents who work for real estate firms and insurance companies. Real estate companies and insurance companies would normally provide their brokers and agents with the necessary materials they would need to get potential clients. Oftentimes, the contact area is left blank which is filled up by the agent. This could easily be done with the help of a label maker. Not only would you be able to distribute a larger number of brochures and pamphlets to increase your chances in closing a sale. Label makers allow you to include all your contact information neatly and legibly so that potential clients would exactly know how to reach you.


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