10 Ideas to Create the Best Pandora Radio Station for yourself

Some people are simply born to be music lovers. While technology has offered a variety of options to satisfy one’s interest, Pandora provides the room for music lovers to pick their own choice of music freely. Ideally, Pandora is an online radio station that allows folks who are in the vein of online streaming to generate a modified radio station based on their favorite music. More of the exciting features it freely offers to one are the opportunities to discover the latest original music and build a personalized radio at home that only streams one’s  favorite music.

Below are some ideas to help you create the best Pandora Station for yourself.

1. First and foremost, if you do not have an account yet, you can go to www.pandora.com and start creating your personal account. The step is similar to creating an account with social networks. Click the “Create an Account” button and fill up the required fields.

2. Before starting building your own Pandora station think on the easiest and safest way to access it. It is good to remember that when opening Pandora, opening it through a new browser window saves more memory than opening it through a new tab.

3. To generate the finest Pandora Radio, determine the purpose of your station. Ponder on the kind of music genre you want to specialize with or you are best interested in. This may include the music may want to play when doing some chores or the kind of music that makes you want to party all day.

4. After such, you can start building your Pandora Radio Station by clicking on the “Create a New Station” found on the Pandora’s homepage. You can create as many as 100 stations with the top artists you like as Pandora also plays 40 hours of free music every month.

5. While Pandora utilizes Music Genome Project to decide what music to play, it is good to carefully choose your song or artist. Be particular on the type of music genre your favorite artist plays. When choosing a seed song, choose the song that complies with the artist type of music so that Pandora will know what to play.

6. Always provide feedback every time a song is played on your station by clicking on the “Thumps up” and “Thumbs down” button found over the song box. Rate 5 in every 60 songs to allow Pandora to modify your favorites and influence future preferences.

7. Pandora offers a variety of editing options. Edit your Pandora station by clicking on the “Edit This Station” and “Add More Music to This Station.” functions to achieve a well customized station. Renaming the station also contribute to the station’s uniqueness.

8. Take pleasure in sharing your station with friends by using the RSS feature. RSS feeds allows you to trade music and albums with friends by subscribing on your RSS feeds or discover the latest hits on air by subbing with the top rated Feeds.

9. For easy access you have a choice whether to put Pandora in your system tray or as a standalone. Use PandoraBrowse, a Windows application to put Pandora icon on your desktop or download OpenPandora to make it a standalone interface on your desktop.

10. Always click sign out to exit Pandora and refresh it every two hours to resolve system issues. It should also be noted that Pandora is only available in US.







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