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10 Ideas to Create the Best Pandora Radio Station for yourself

Some people are simply born to be music lovers. While technology has offered a variety of options to satisfy one’s interest, Pandora provides the room for music lovers to pick their own choice of music freely. Ideally, Pandora is an online radio station that allows folks who are in the vein of online streaming to generate a modified radio station based on their favorite music. More of the exciting features it freely offers to one are the opportunities to discover the latest original music and build a personalized radio at home that only streams one’s  favorite music.

Below are some ideas to help you create the best Pandora Station for yourself.

1. First and foremost, if you do not have an account yet, you can go to and start creating your personal account. The step is similar to creating an account with social networks. Click the “Create an Account” button and fill up the required fields.

2. Before starting building your own Pandora station think on the easiest and safest way to access it. It is good to remember that when opening Pandora, opening it through a new browser window saves more memory than opening it through a new tab.

3. To generate the finest Pandora Radio, determine the purpose of your station. Ponder on the kind of music genre you want to specialize with or you are best interested in. This may include the music may want to play when doing some chores or the kind of music that makes you want to party all day.

4. After such, you can start building your Pandora Radio Station by clicking on the “Create a New Station” found on the Pandora’s homepage. You can create as many as 100 stations with the top artists you like as Pandora also plays 40 hours of free music every month.

5. While Pandora utilizes Music Genome Project to decide what music to play, it is good to carefully choose your song or artist. Be particular on the type of music genre your favorite artist plays. When choosing a seed song, choose the song that complies with the artist type of music so that Pandora will know what to play.

6. Always provide feedback every time a song is played on your station by clicking on the “Thumps up” and “Thumbs down” button found over the song box. Rate 5 in every 60 songs to allow Pandora to modify your favorites and influence future preferences.

7. Pandora offers a variety of editing options. Edit your Pandora station by clicking on the “Edit This Station” and “Add More Music to This Station.” functions to achieve a well customized station. Renaming the station also contribute to the station’s uniqueness.

8. Take pleasure in sharing your station with friends by using the RSS feature. RSS feeds allows you to trade music and albums with friends by subscribing on your RSS feeds or discover the latest hits on air by subbing with the top rated Feeds.

9. For easy access you have a choice whether to put Pandora in your system tray or as a standalone. Use PandoraBrowse, a Windows application to put Pandora icon on your desktop or download OpenPandora to make it a standalone interface on your desktop.

10. Always click sign out to exit Pandora and refresh it every two hours to resolve system issues. It should also be noted that Pandora is only available in US.



Top 40 Best Free Iphone Applications

There are a lot of applications that you can enjoy with your iphone. But the downside is some of these applications are need to be purchased in the apple market. Fortunately, there are still applications that you can use for free. Here are the top forty free applications for your iphone.

1.       Facebook

It provides speedy access to its home screen in a grid design making it easy for navigations; users think it beats the browser version.

2.       Gorillacam

Enjoy your iphone’s camera with the applications’ features (timer, spirit-level, multi-shot, “press anywhere” and on screen grid). Beat other applications in this all-in-one camera application.

3.       RunKeeper Free

A better version of the Nike+ and for free. It records your jogging route, shows mapping and calories burned. You can also share the data online and treadmill activities can be manually recorded.

4.       Stanza

You can download free books with this application and transfer them in your own PDF or eReader. Electronic books for bookworms out there.

5.       Dropbox

The easiest to use and of course free application in transferring and synchronizing your files from your pc to your device. You can view your files or download them for offline viewing with easy access.

6.       TheTrainline

It is a useful application for those who are commuting by train. This can provide journey planning, timetables and location, next train and others.

7.       Skype

Enjoy free Skype calls to anyone with a Skype account or cheap calls to anywhere in the world. It has easy and simple to use interface.

8.       Movies

Don’t want to miss your favorite movie? Use this application to locate the nearest cinema that’s playing your chosen movie.

9.       Tonepad

This uses grid-based interface that will let the user turn on and off the tone and compose their melody. They can edit, save and upload their files to brag to other users.

10.   Thomson Reuters News Pro

It provides quick access to news, images, videos and the stock market.

11.   Twitter (former Tweetie)

Before, it’s not free until Twitter bought the application and renamed it as Twitter and removes the price. Enjoy updating your status on the go for free.

12.   Comics

With this free application, enjoy your favorite comics online and zoom in to read them. There are a lot of comics available for free viewing but if you finished reading them all, it’s time to buy the other comics.

13.   Wikipanion

Do your research with this free application and the option to tweet your newly discovered fact. And the good thing here, there are no ads in it.

14.   Evernote

You can save your files in this free application and can view them with ease. It can even let you to create new ones.

15.   Kindle

Kindle offers a large selection of books and experience reading them through your iphone.

16.   Around Me

The application can detect your location and show landmarks and important establishments like banks and shops. This is very handy especially when you are in an unfamiliar place.

17. Thesaurus and Dictionary

It has millions of definitions and 90,000 synonyms that you can check for free. It has phonetic and audio pronunciation of words and the application is fast. It is a great tool for students.

18.   Air Video Free

It allows you to stream and convert videos from computers that are using the Air Video Server.

19.   Adobe Photoshop Express

It may not be the best photoshop editing application, but it can allow you to do some quick fix to your iphone photos like straightening, contrast, color effects and exposure adjustment.

20.   iHandy Level Free

Turn your iphone to a spirit leveling device. Just tap the calibrate button to get that great looking and accurate level that you want.

21.   Instantpaper Free

Just setup an instantpaper account and create a bookmark in Safari in your device for you to send article to instantpaper free. Then, you can enjoy reading articles offline.

22.   Pcalc Lite

It is the finest free iOS calculator in town with great interface and lots of additional features.

23.   iBooks

The application combines a reader and a store. Enjoy reading your favorite books not only in the iPad but also in the iphone.

24.   Red Laser

Use this application as a portable bar code reader. It is very useful for checking the price of your products when shopping.

25.   eBay Selling

The application lets you sell your unwanted things online in such a breeze, even faster than using a PC.

26.   eBay Mobile

Purchase what you want online with eBay Mobile. Just like eBay Selling, it is fast and efficient compared to a regular PC.

27.   Google Earth

View maps of the world in the palm of your hand. You can shift from place to place by just swiping your fingers on the screen.

28.   XE Currency

Check the latest currency rates in this application. You can set a list of currencies that you want and just double-tap a chosen currency to set the base rate.

29.   Shazam

It’s like magic in your hand. Let your iphone listen to a playing music and allow the application for a couple of seconds to recognize it and it will tell you what track it is. But, sometimes, the answer is not always right but it’s still worth of downloading.

30.   Bump

Lets you choose four contacts and when bump to another iOS unit with a running Bump application, sharing of contact and comparing details will take place.


It enables you to locate local establishments in town. Select from the default categories available or just input the desired keywords that you’re searching then a list will come out. Use the map for navigation.

32.   BBC News

It can provide fast access to news and playable videos and zoomable text that you can check on the go.

33.   Find My iPhone

You just need to create an account and then you’re ready to go. You can easily detect your iphone wherever it is with this application.

34.   Dragon Dictation

If you’re having troubles and difficulty in using the iphone’s keyboard in inputting data, why not try this application that will convert your speech into text. Amazing!

35.   iHandy Torch Free

Use this application with its several light options that you can use when you are in a dark situation. Don’t want to turn on the lights but don’t want to suffer bumps, then this is your application.

36. TV Guide

If you live in UK and you love TV, this is surely for you. This can provide you listing views, calendars and reminders.

37.   Zoopla Property Search

This is the best property search application in the market. It can provide a comprehensive list including local market data, local sale prices and estimated market value. When you manually input a location, it can show results quickly.

38.   IM+

The IM+ provides access to some of the most used social networks and chat programs like GTalk, Yahoo, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, MSN/Live Messenger and more. It surely a must have application for a newbie.

39.   Atomic Web Browser Lite

When you are in-need of a single-session browser, this is the one right for you. It dumps everything you browse when you exit the application. This is a very handy application to install.

40.   Virtuoso Piano Free 3

You can have a mini piano on your iphone through this application. It enables you to navigate on a full keyboard setup with two built-in voices for playback.

Read Before You Buy a Retractable USB Extension Cable

One of the peskiest complaints about computers in general is the amount of cables that are involved. Most people have power cords running from both their computer monitor and hard drive to power outlets, a monitor cord running to the hard drive, speaker wires connected to the back of the computer along with a power cord, network cables from their printer to their hard drive, and a variety of other cables. All of these cables are used for things such as their basic Internet connection and other accessories such as webcams, speakers or external hard drives.

The majority of people attempt to crunch all the wires up behind their desk or out of the view. However, many people are unable to do this if they have an open-backed desk. This creates a pretty nasty eye-sore in the room and can also cause a variety of problems when a computer user gets their feet caught up in the wires or if a small child or pet begins tugging on the wires.

Computer manufacturers finally released what is known as a retractable USB extension cable. This cable can easily and quickly connect a USB device to your computer and allows you to lengthen or shorten the USB cable to the size of your choice. This can take much of your computer’s cable eye sores away and can also prevent damage from pulled cables.

However, not all retractable USB extension cables are built the same. In fact, you should be very careful when selecting a USB extension cable to use with your computer. This is because many of these cables are manufactured very poorly. Therefore, when you are choosing a retractable USB extension cable you should first consider the company that has manufactured the cable. Does the company in question have a good reputation? Does the company have a history of creating long lasting and effective products? The answers to these questions can greatly assist you in finding the best retractable USB extension cable for your computer.

If you have never heard of the company that has manufactured the retractable USB extension cable that you are considering purchasing, then you should stop and seek out online reviews on that company and their products in general to see what type of feedback they have received. This can save you money and a great deal of hassle.

Another thing you can do is simply use your eyes! Look at the packaging and at the product inside. Does the retractable USB cable seem to be sturdy and strong? What is the hub made out of it? Is it simple and cheap looking plastic? Is it made of plastic and rubber? You want to make sure that the retractable USB cable you are selecting is strong and sturdy looking. This may seem silly but your eyes can reveal a lot of things to you instantly. If the product looks cheaply put together, chances are that it is. Don’t go wasting your money on something that looks like it will fall apart the moment you pull it out of the box and put it to use.

How to Use Your iPhone on Ustream Creatively?

Ustream is one of the most popular webcam broadcasting communities that web users are turning to in order to further connect with their fans and followers. Websites such as Ustream, BlogTV, and Stickam allow web users to connect to their websites and to broadcast their live webcam feeds via their computers webcam or via the iPhone. In fact, many popular YouTube personalities have turned to these types of broadcasting websites in order to gain more exposure with the people who view their videos.

With the conception of the iPhone this type of live streaming video has become more and more simplistic. For instance, many companies and or individuals will take their iPhone with them to live events and gatherings.  They can then use their iPhone’s to broadcast live from these locations.  Additionally, with your iPhone you can also broadcast live from concerts or other type of live events. This is one of the least complex and most effective way to gain more exposure for yourself or your company.

There are other things that you can do with an iPhone to further connect with people. For instance, let’s say that you are having a family reunion. Now let’s say that there are some people who can’t travel to the event due to location. Someone at your family reunion can then broadcast live from event so that missing family members can interact with everyone at the event. This same thing can be done with high school reunions, weddings, and graduations. Just imagine those events that you regularly take part in wherein other people may not be able to join you.

This type of instant broadcasting is very easy to get started with. First off, websites like Ustream allow you to register for free. All you need is an active email account. Simply complete the short registration form and you are ready to go. From there you will simply need to click on the broadcast button on your Ustream page and you can immediately begin broadcasting live!

Many parents use Ustream and the iPhone to keep up with their children who are in college. This is specifically true if they are located out of state.  Parents can now connect with their children to ensure that they are okay and to keep them updated on events going on back at home.

With the iPhone you can even broadcast live from sporting events or from special lectures and speeches. This type of broadcasting will allow you to share with your friends, family, and the world unique events that they may not have otherwise been capable of attending in any other way.

If you run a business you can use your iPhone and Ustream to hold special lectures or training seminars with other branches of your company that you don’t want to travel to. You can even answer questions and conduct polls directly from your Ustream page. This will truly allow you to interact with numerous people with nothing more than an iPhone and a free to obtain Ustream account.

Companies Working to Bring you 3D TVs Plus 3D TV Development Timelines

Ever heard about 3D TVs? Well, having a three-dimensional TV is not impossible. After all 3D images have already been developed in the world of photography and film.

You may not know it but 3D images in films were once very popular even before World War II. But when the war ended, this type of 3D technology was no longer seen. It is only now that some companies have strived hard to produce their respective 3D TVs to be able to compete in a futuristic market.

3D TV development timelines

The use of 3D images is always influential in the 3D TV development in this age. These images were discovered in 300 BC by Euclides. It was only Leonardo da Vinci who started some processes to convert images into three dimensions. In 1844, David Brewster launched the equipment known as Stereoscope. This device can be used in raking photographic pictures in their 3D formats. This was then enhanced by Louis Jules Dubosq. Since then, the stereoscopic camera became popular to every home. But when the World War broke, pictures where then turned back into black and white as inspired by the war journal.

In line with the launch of the stereoscopic camera, 3D development in movies transpired as well. In 1855, a stereo animation camera known as Kinematoscope was invented. It was in 1922 when the first 3D movie entitled Power of Love was shown publicly. Thirteen years later, a 3D color movie was also produced.

When the television was launched during the 50’s, 3D Movies became even more popular – from Robinson Crusoe in 1947 to Bwana Devil in 1952 to the House of Wax in 1953. But it is sad to note that the expansion of 3D movies was put to a stop in the 70’s.

In the 1990s however, 3D episodes were launched on TV. This was used by most television producers to attract audiences and increase their ratings. Since then, many broadcasting networks from all over the globe started efforts to produce more 3D episodes. Early this year, South Korea’s Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting launched its 3D Channel. UK will follow suit with British Sky Broadcasting Company’s launch of the Sky 3D Channel by April of this year.

Companies developing 3D TVs

As of the present, there are 3D-compatible TV sets that are out in the market. Those with LCD shutter glasses that operate in 2D mode also have 3D TV capabilities. These ones are creating stereoscopic images typical to what stereoscopes in the older times were able to produce. Television sets that support a refresh rate of at least 120Hz and have an HDMI 1.4 configuration are all 3D-compatible TV sets.

To improve all these things however and to introduce consumers with the “real 3D TV”, various electronic companies have worked on their respective technologies. For instance, Samsung and Mitsubishi use Texas Instruments’ DLP technology to produce 3D TV models. Toshiba, Sony, LG and Panasonic will launch more 3D TVs by this year. Phillips, will have to wait for its turn until 2011 as it is still developing 3D television sets that will no longer need special glasses.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.

3 Reasons for Waiting to Buy a 3D TV

3D TV will soon arrive in your living rooms. Without a doubt, 3D TV will make waves once it hits retail stores. 3D TV offers a whole new experience in watching television. With the recent success of 3D cinema thanks to movies like Pixar’s UP and the highest grossing film ever by James Cameron titled Avatar, 3D TV looms over the electronics market. Nonetheless, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and LED TVs currently hoard the market share of television sets. If you have plans to purchase a new television set this year, it is suggested that you wait a bit when the giant electronic companies such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and LG all unveil their 3D television models this year. Do not yet purchase a new LCD TV, LED TV or a Plasma TV regardless of their features. Patiently wait for it because 3D TV, whether they like it or not, arrives real soon.

Here are some reasons why you should wait to buy a 3D television set:

1. With 3D TV, you get to watch three-dimensional shows in your couch. Yes, 3D TV offers you that experience of watching three-dimensional shows at the comfort of your own home. With 3D TV, you get to watch the increasing number of 3D movies that are produced in 3D Blu-ray format. 3D Blu-ray movies comprise of Coraline, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Monsters vs. Aliens. But of course, for the succeeding years, just visualize re-watching Avatar on 3D in your own house. 3D TV allows consumers to watch 3D Blu-Ray movies released this year and in years to come.

2. Another reason why you should wait to buy a 3D TV has something to do with the recent news by cable and network providers. Sports channel ESPN recently announced their plans for a 3D sports network. So now imagine watching the World Cup games on 3D. Nothing beats watching your team winning a thrilling match during the World Cup Finals on 3D. In fact, Panasonic announced their plans for manufacturing a 3D television precisely for that purpose.  Another cable network named DirectTV publicized its plans of launching three 3D television channels, which includes one pay-per-view channel. Even cable channel Discovery released a statement that they do have plans to start a 3D channel of their own. So just imagine watching one of those wildlife shows they have on Discovery but this time on a three-dimensional setting. That feels like getting transported to the African Safari or to the Jungles of the Amazon through your 3D Television set. 3D TV possesses a lot of potentialities that yet has to be unleashed and discovered. Hence, just be patient; do not waste your cash on an LCD TV or a Plasma TV. Wait for the release of 3D TV.

3. Moreover, another good reason to wait for 3D televisions sets have to do with console gaming. Surely, the big gaming companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have some 3D games to release soon. Games in the near future might also all be released in the 3D format. Hence, if you prefer to maximize console gaming and its future prospective, wait for 3D TV.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.

Top 7 Technology Blogs to Follow for Gadget Lovers

If technology is your passion then you should consider the technology blogs listed herein. These blogs are the most popular and visited technology blogs on the World Wide Web today and cover a great variety of topics and sub-sects of technology.  If you are a technophile, you cannot overlook these exceptional blogs!


Technology Blog #1 –


Print Country is an exceptional blog that offers information on printers and printer related gadgets of all types. If you are looking for the latest and greatest information pertaining to printers and printer ink then look no further than Print Country. Additionally, you can discover the latest and most relevant news pertaining to printers and printer cartridges.


Technology Blog #2 –


If you are looking for gadgets of all types surrounding all types of technology including entertainment and product reviews or simply desire to discover the latest trends and hot products in technology then you will find it all on

Technology Blog #3 – includes an excellent technology gadget section that covers three main sects of technology which include: electronics, computers, and gaming. It includes consumer reviews and also provides you with creative ways in which you can find the best tech toys at the lowest product prices. You can also take advantage of YouTube product reviews.

Technology Blog #4 – features an excellent news section and a technology blog known as Crave. This blog includes some of the most in-depth product reviews on technology that you are likely ever to come into contact with. They carry out excellent comparison campaigns and can assist you in finding the best gadgets available to consumers at discounted prices.

Technology Blog #5 –


If you are looking for a technology and gadget website that you can truly engage with, then look no further than is a technology blog that invites and encourages user participation. If you have something to say about technology or an excellent find that you desire to share with other users, then hit up today.

Technology Blog #6 –


This blog is not the most excellently designed or eye-popping blog you will come across but when it comes to technology information you can’t go wrong with the! Whether you are looking for technology based gadgets or even common kitchen and household gadgets you will find it all at the

Technology Blog #7 – also known as ‘From The Desk Of The Red Ferret,’ is a top notch technology based blog that focuses on current technology news and even has a strong focus on the weirdest and most absurd technology devices available! You can even find news about strange things such as homemade rocket packs! Truly a unique find for technology lovers.

No matter what you love when it comes to technology one of these 7 blogs are sure to delight you and provide you with hours upon hours of exciting reading. Check each of these technology blogs out today and you will quickly discover just how diverse this list really is.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.

The 4 Hottest Celebrities with UV Ink Tattoo Art

Rebels in motorcycles, rock stars with drug problems, prisoners under long-term sentences—the rowdy people usually associated with tattoo art are a concept of the past. Now, even college students with straight A’s, beauty queens and bankers sport their own tattoos. Even famous people such as actors and musicians have their own celebrity tattoos. And because tattoo art has emerged from the underground scene to become a mainstream form of body enhancement, different variations and types of tattoo ink are now being used to push the envelope of tattooing. UV tattoos, for instance, is fast becoming popular among the Hollywood elite and the daring.

UV tattoos (or black light tattoos) are created using white tattoo ink or a special kind of ink that only becomes visible under black light. This type of tattoo ink has been used in celebrity tattoos and is currently more costly than regular tattoo ink. Tattoo art done with white ink or UV ink can be more painful, though, than those done with regular tattoo ink since thicker and more high-quality ink has to be used. But this hasn’t stopped Hollywood A-listers to get their own white ink tattoo. Kate Moss started the trend and a lot of young women followed suit. Interestingly, though, no male celebrity was reported as getting or sporting a white ink tattoo. Below are four beautiful stars who dared to be different with this type of tattoo.

* Kate Moss. The supermodel, fashion designer and mother of one has had a number of tattoos done over the years. Besides small, dainty tattoos of swallows on her lower back, a heat on her left hand, a crown on her left shoulder and an anchor on her right forearm, this stunning beauty was reported to have numerous stars in white tattoo ink done all over one side of her body.

* Lindsay Lohan. This wild girl had her first tattoo art done on her forearm—a tiny, black outline of a star. She soon became addicted to this form of body art and her collection of tattoos includes the words “la bella vita” on her lower back. Inspired by a John Lennon quote (“Get out there and get peace, think peace, live peace, and breathe peace, and you’ll get it as soon as you like”), Lindsay had the word “breathe” tattooed in white ink on her wrist.

* Jasmine Lennard. The feisty English model, reality TV star and ex-girlfriend of American Idol’s Simon Cowell transformed her body into a canvas for tattoo art by having Simon’s initials inked on the inside of her arm. She also has the words “trust no one” tattooed on a finger. She also hit the parlor—not for a blowdry—but for a white ink tattoo, which spelled “amore appassionato” (love passionately). She says she saw Lindsay Lohan’s own white ink tattoo and was inspired to get one herself.

* Khloe Kardashian. This rebellious reality TV star has numerous tattoo art in different parts of her body. She says that each tattoo she has means something to her. She has the word “Daddy” with a cross on the small of her back, the words “I love you” in her late father’s handwriting on her wrist, and her husband’s initials on her hand. She also has the letters “KK,” which are the initials of all her sisters, done in white ink on her wrist.

Tattoo art has come a long way from being insignias of gangs or a good way to pass the time in prison. Tattoos are now considered a form of art and even grace Hollywood’s hottest. But even if almost everyone you know has got a tattoo, you can choose to still be different by taking it a step further like Lindsay Lohan or Kate Moss. Try a white ink tattoo or a UV ink tattoo to definitely stand out from the crowd.

You Have a Good Photo Printer, Now What?

A lot of people take their photo printers for granted and chances are, you have been doing that, too. Most of the time, your photo printer just sits on your desk doing anything but printing photos. You spend a lot of time (and money) printing text and presentations that you tend to forget that your color printer can do more than just print out black and white documents.

Put your photo printer to good use and explore the possibilities that it can offer. Create art, print digital photos, make your own business cards and calendars–there are endless projects you can do to make the most out of your digital photo printer. Below are some tips to help you maximize your printer’s potential and to create beautiful, colorful projects.

1. Explore your printer and its features. Rummage through your files for your printer’s manual and read up on the different features of your printer. You might not know that your photo printer makes it easy for you to print digital photos via a memory card slot or that you can connect your mobile phone to your printer easily by using Bluetooth. Some printers can even let you correct red eye and crop images straight on its LCD screen.

2. Play around with your printer’s settings. Go to your printer’s menu on your computer and click on “properties” or “options.” Here, you can change your printer’s different settings to be able to accommodate different image sizes, resolutions and even different types of printer paper. Always remember to check paper settings when you shift to a different-sized paper or when you use a new type of paper.

3. Use a good image editing software. Technology has made creating beautiful photos as easy as a mouse click away! Experiment with a good image editing software to enhance your digital photos. Try cropping your photos to different sizes and adjusting the contrast and brightness of your images. You can even go crazy with different effects included in the software such as solarize, emboss and halftone effects. It’s also good to research online for easy image manipulation tutorials.

4. Update your printer driver. The driver of your photo printer is what helps your computer communicate with your printer. The driver also allows you to change different printer settings. Choose “automatic update” from the update menu of your computer or printer so you’re sure you have the latest driver installed.

5. Use the proper ink and paper. More often than not, a bad-quality print out is caused by using the incorrect ink and paper for your color printer or for the project you’re printing. If you want sharp, realistic images, use glossy or matte photo paper and special photo ink. A good trick to make black and white photos pop is to print these using your “colored” setting. Don’t worry about spending too much on ink cartridges, because a lot of affordable third-party ink cartridges produce good-quality prints.

Your world shouldn’t be less colorful than others, and your color printer shouldn’t just be a machine for black and white prints. Express your creativity by using your imagination and your photo printer. You’ll definitely be surprised at the results.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.

Get to Know HP’s Expanded iPrint Photo App

When Hewlett Packard launched its iPrint photo app last January 2009, the wireless printing compatibility was opened only to Apple iPod and iPhone users. The good thing about this innovation is that it solved the problem of users when it comes to printing wirelessly from their mobile phones. But despite this very nice idea on iPrint photo application, HP felt that it was better to expand the photo app by taking it a notch higher.

Now, HP is offering an expanded version of the iPrint photo app. From being a trusted wireless printing partner for Apple iPhone and iPod, it is now capable of offering printing options for other mobile phone users. Phones using either that of the Windows Mobile – or WinMo – and Symbian operating systems will start to benefit from wireless printing from a mobile phone to a compatible HP printer.

The basis for expanding HP iPrint photo app

The expansion of the HP iPrint photo app was based on a recent survey on smart phone users. The survey results showed that there are around 46% smart phone users who take photos from their respective phones once a day or at least once a week. Out of this ratio, 70% have the desire to print the images captured by their mobile phones.

These results were actually seen by HP’s chief technologist Antonio Rodriguez. It became the basis for including WinMo and Symbian system operated phones in the list of iPrint photo app for HP.

What to expect with the expanded HP iPrint photo application

Time savings and convenience are two of the things you should expect with the expansion of the HP iPrint photo application. In short, people will enjoy the benefit of printing the photos captured in their phones wherever they are, whenever they want to. Apart from these guarantees, here are other things in store for you in expanded photo app:

1. Photo navigation enhancement for WinMo and Symbian operated phones. This opens opportunities for LG Incite, Motorola Aura and HP iPAQ Data Messenger users to download their respective HP iPrint photo app from a corresponding app store. Printing photos from phones is now made possible by Nokia’s Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace.

2. Enhancements were also made for loyal iPod and iPhone users. Aside from ensuring that the WinMo and Symbian operated phones will get their own share of wireless printing experiences, HP iPrint photo app also added new versions for Apple gadget users. The photo application is already being supported by various photo paper types as well as different sizes for photo printing.

While the HP iPrint photo application was enhanced, there is one thing that remains to be the same as the application launched in January 2009. That is the fact that the software may be downloaded for free. This downloadable software application, commonly known as a widget to smart phones, makes wireless printing even easier. Simply activate the application, choose your image then send it off for printing to a compatible HP printer.

1 2