Top Rated HP Inkjet Printers, Accessories, Calculators, and Monitors

Looking for office accessories can take up a lot of your time. You always start with a long list of brands and products to compare prices and features. If you want to narrow them down, check out the ones that are favored by consumers. Look at reviews to see how others feel about the products [...]

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA): How Social Media Affects Consumer Purchase

Online businesses have recently flourished and became very popular among large consumer groups. With the aid of social media, people have come to know a wider variety of products sold in different parts of the world. Social media is an important tool of an online business because it helps create an effective branding strategy for [...]

Tamaggo 360-Imager Captures Panoramic Action In Just One Click

While people have gotten used with the typical 62-degree view camera, Canada’s Tamaggo Inc. introduced the new Tamaggo 360-Imager during the CES show. The egg-shaped photographic device can capture an all-around action by simply pressing the large silver button on top of the device.

Unlike DSLRs, the Tamaggo 360-Imager is only the size of the [...]

Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Phone for Your 9 Year Old

According to a news published by Renad Ghanem in 2011 via Arab News, seeing 9-year old children with mobile phones is a common sight these days. Parents feel that giving these phones to their kids is necessary while others still think that this is unwanted luxury.

Pros of buying a mobile phone for your 9-year [...]

10 Coolest Gadgets to Get Your Father on his Birthday

Getting a gift for your dad especially on his birthday is hard. It is often trickier than giving a gift for a friend. For you dad, it needs to be extra special. Here is a list of cool gadgets in the market today to get for your dad on is birthday: – A Wristwatch

Before [...]

How to Build Business Credit for Your New Corporation – 9 Step System

Building credit for your business is a very important task that takes time and effort. No business will instantly have a credit profile. Creating a credit profile for your business is a process that will pay off in the end.

When building credit for your business you are creating a credit line that is separate [...]

HP Zeen, BestBuy Rocketfish and other latest iPad rivals

Apple has been a company known to innovate in niche markets. They did it for mp3 players with the iPod, and again for the smartphone market with the iPhone. And now they’re turning their sights on mobile computing as they introduce their new wonder device, the unfortunately named, iPad.

But the release of a new [...]

Battle for the eBook Readers: iPad vs. Kindle

The Amazon Kindle allows you to buy, collect and read as many as 1,500 books in a light, practical device. Since then, many manufacturers have come up with their own eBook readers, including Apple, who decided to give fans an all-in-one device with the Apple iPad. With iBook, the iPad’s dedicated eBook reader, it looks [...]

Best Must Have iPad Applications

There are a lot of cool applications available for your iPad. But while you might be tempted to install all of them, you can save money by picking out only the best. The following are some of the coolest applications for your iPad.

You can collect and read books with iBook, iPad’s answer to Amazon’s [...]

How to Get Your Apple iPad Repaired

Don’t worry if your Apple iPad suddenly freezes, crashes or if your WiFi doesn’t work. There are a lot of tips and guides to repair ipad online that you can refer to, to help you fix your iPad. As much as possible, it’s best to try to see what you can do to fix it [...]