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Top Rated HP Inkjet Printers, Accessories, Calculators, and Monitors

Looking for office accessories can take up a lot of your time. You always start with a long list of brands and products to compare prices and features. If you want to narrow them down, check out the ones that are favored by consumers. Look at reviews to see how others feel about the products they bought and how it worked out for them. This will help you decide on which product to get.

Here are some HP top rated products for your office:

Inkjet Printers

  • HP ENVY 114 e-All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($249.99) – a stylish and compact touchscreen printer that is great for printing documents and photos. You can also fax, copy, and scan documents. It is easy and convenient to use because you can print files from your iOS devices, multimedia card, and over your wireless network.
  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Premium e-All-in-One Inkjet Printer ($399.99) – if speed is important to you, this printer lets you scan, copy, print, and fax documents fast. You also get great quality documents and photos. It also lets you print over a wireless network and your mobile devices.


  • HP Webcam HD 5210 ($99.99) – a compact yet powerful webcam that produces H.264 HD videos. It also includes a noise-cancelling microphone for clear conversations. Great for virtual meetings.
  • HP 4GB DDR3-1333 Desktop PC Memory ($59.99) – boost desktop speed by increasing its system memory. With 4GB of memory, you will not have a problem accessing and running programs at the same time.


  • HP 2711x 27” LED Monitor ($399.99) – this monitor lets you expand the way you view your applications and the web. With all that screen space, you can view multiple applications at the same time. It features the BrightView technology to reduce glare, and a full HD resolution. Do not worry about space because this monitor is ultra-slim.
  • HP 2211x 21.5” LED Monitor ($199.99) – an ultra-slim LED monitor that gives you vibrant colors. It features a full HD resolution that makes it easy to view and edit photos and images.


  • HP 12c Financial Calculator, 30th Anniversary Edition ($69.99)– this HP business calculator is great for real estate, banking, and finance professionals. It performs 120+ functions plus RPN. Solve problems with ease using this calculator.
  • HP OfficeCalc 100 Calculator ($9.99) – if you are looking for a simple computing tool, this is it. It is compact, performs basic calculations, and has a large display to guarantee that you do not miss a number when computing for sales.

These top rated tools for your office is great for day-to-day use. They are easy to set up and will help you increase productivity.



Consumer Electronics Association (CEA): How Social Media Affects Consumer Purchase

Online businesses have recently flourished and became very popular among large consumer groups. With the aid of social media, people have come to know a wider variety of products sold in different parts of the world. Social media is an important tool of an online business because it helps create an effective branding strategy for product promotion and many more.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is an example of a US-based trade organization that caters to the consumer electronics industry. It promotes growth of $173 billion in the US consumer technology industry through technology policy, events, research, promotion and the fostering of business and strategic relationships. One of the greatest shows that they host annually is the International Consumer Electronics (CES) Show, a major technology-based trade show held every January in Las Vegas.

CEA unites 2000 companies in the consumer technology industry, allowing members to touch base with industry leaders, buyers, media, and government representatives to gain more exposure and increase sales in business. It also serves as the industry authority in market research, surveys, regulatory news, and training resources. The organization provides training and education and other certification programs for its members to learn business techniques and other technological advancement that are valuable for their business. Members who use the resources from CEA will have more advantage to compete with the highly competitive marketplace.

Tamaggo 360-Imager Captures Panoramic Action In Just One Click

While people have gotten used with the typical 62-degree view camera, Canada’s Tamaggo Inc. introduced the new Tamaggo 360-Imager during the CES show. The egg-shaped photographic device can capture an all-around action by simply pressing the large silver button on top of the device.

Unlike DSLRs, the Tamaggo 360-Imager is only the size of the palm (3.62 x 2.19 x 2.4-inch, 92 x 55.8 x 61.1 mm) that is topped with 360-degree zero infinity lens. Despite the size, it features a patented ImmerVision Enables Panomorph technology and a 14-megapixel sensor that is capable of producing 360-degree high-resolution snapshots. At the bottom of the device, you’ll see the 2-inch LCD touchscreen and a huge button on the side for thumb operation. The Tamaggo 360-Imager is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery that can be charged via mini-USB port. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple devices, such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets, through the USB port. Carrying the Tamaggo 360-Imager is not too much of a hassle as it only weighs 190g, and with the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can easily transfer files to other devices anytime and anywhere.

Tamaggo Inc. calls the Tamaggo 360-Imager experience as Tamaggraphy. Tamaggraphs are navigable images that allow you to pan details from the left to right or vice versa, zoom in and out from top to bottom, and see the details from behind you at the time of capture. The sophisticated features of the Tamaggo 360-Imager is very suitable for high-end commercial and government security applications.

Unlike other 360-imaging technologies, the Tamaggo 360-imager does not require focusing and stitching together a series of snapshots. Once the shutter is released, the Tamaggo 360-imager’s ImmerVision Enables Panomorph freezes all the frames that have been captured, producing a quality 360-image that can be cropped by sections for printing.

The Tamaggo 360-Imager is expected to be out in the market by the second quarter of 2012 for $200.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Mobile Phone for Your 9 Year Old

According to a news published by Renad Ghanem in 2011 via Arab News, seeing 9-year old children with mobile phones is a common sight these days. Parents feel that giving these phones to their kids is necessary while others still think that this is unwanted luxury.

Pros of buying a mobile phone for your 9-year old

As cited by Ghanem in his article, mobile phones are beneficial for 9-year olds specifically because the device can be used to keep track of the child’s safety at all times. In short, you can use it when you want to monitor your child’s whereabouts.

Also safety wise, a mobile phone can be used by your child in cases of emergency. He can use it to contact the police or the fireman when the need arises. This will make kids have instant access not only to you but to authorities as well.

By setting some ground rules on how to use a cell phone, you can teach your child to become a responsible owner of this gadget. He becomes more aware of his responsibilities and he gets the chance to weigh when and where he should use a mobile phone.

Convenience is yet another advantage of giving your child a mobile phone at age 9. When you and your partner are working (or when you are a single parent), you need to buy your child a mobile phone for the sake of convenience. That way, you can inform your child when you will be able to pick him up from school or should there be any change of plans in your day’s activities.

Cons of investing in a cell phone for your child

While there are obvious advantages of investing in a cell phone for your 9-year old child, there may also be drawbacks to it. First in the list is money. Kids in these ages may not be taking care of their things yet. This means that there is a tendency they will leave their mobile phones anywhere or worse destroy the gadget once they go stubborn. Air time spent on the phone may also be an expense that can turn out to be costly on your part. Also, with social networking sites and game downloads available via mobile phones, your expense may increase. Your child might end up downloading all the games that they want.

The phone may also be disruptive in one way or the other. They can interrupt your kid while he is in school or can even make him stay late at night (unless you ask him to hand over the phone to you before he goes to bed).

Weighing the pros and cons of buying a mobile phone for your 9-year old, do you think you should buy him one? Be a responsible parent. Make sure that you know the consequences should you buy your child this gadget. Better yet, you should always set rules on when and where is the proper time to use these devices. Plus, see to it that you buy him a phone for messaging and calling purposes only. Forget about the fancy features for now.

10 Coolest Gadgets to Get Your Father on his Birthday

Getting a gift for your dad especially on his birthday is hard. It is often trickier than giving a gift for a friend. For you dad, it needs to be extra special. Here is a list of cool gadgets in the market today to get for your dad on is birthday:
– A Wristwatch

Before you scoff at this idea, know that there are plenty of watches out there that give more functions than you think. Try Citizen Men’s JY0000-53E Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Watch. This gift for dad is made of pure stainless steel and can function as an alarm and even give you the time in forty-three cities around the world.

– E-book reader/tablet

With the popularity of the iPad soaring at an all time high, it may be time for your dad to get himself one, at your expense of course. If you do not want this cool gadget, you can always choose the alternatives like Amazon’s Kindle or the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

– A new camera

Maybe what your dad needs is a new hobby; perhaps photography. Give him the latest Canon DSLR camera and kick-off his new pastime. These cool gadgets also come in other brands like Nikon and Sony.

– An alarm clock

If your dad’s not a morning person then you should definitely think of getting him a new alarm clock; a flying one at that! It’s a cool gift for dad that goes flying around the room when the alarm goes off. This will surely wake him up at once!

– LP-recording Stereo System

Does your dad have a hard time letting go of those old LPs in the attic? Then it is time for you to get him a LP-to-CD Recording Stereo System. He can finally get rid of those bulky records and enjoy it in a more handy, compact disc form.

– The Power Squid

Does your dad use too many external gadgets when working? The Power Squid will definitely be a perfect fit for his busy tech lifestyle. It offers additional USB ports for your dad’s use.

– Cup Warmer – USB powered

Whilst working long hours, nothing can relax your dad than a warm beverage. Whether its coffee, cocoa, tea or chocolate; this USB gadget is a handy device that will do the trick for him.

– A Multi-Purpose Pen

A handy little gadget for dad he can use outdoors since aside from being able to write, it also has knives and screwdrivers in the same gadget. It’s like a Swiss knife that writes!

– A pedometer

Not just the normal one though, give him one that talks! This cool gadget gives out time and distance info whilst your dad enjoys a leisurely walk or hardcore cardio. Most of them also have melodic tunes to keep your dad on pace during exercise.

– A GPS System

Get your dad a tracker like the Callaway golf GPS system. It gives an aerial view of the course your dad is playing in which can help him during his golf games.
For a special person like your dad, these creative gifts will surely put a smile on his face. These cool gadgets are sure to make your dad more excited to do work, exercise and play.

How to Build Business Credit for Your New Corporation – 9 Step System

Building credit for your business is a very important task that takes time and effort.  No business will instantly have a credit profile.  Creating a credit profile for your business is a process that will pay off in the end.

When building credit for your business you are creating a credit line that is separate from your personal credit.  Many sources will say that business credit is a great way to conceal bad personal credit, but this is not necessarily true.  In the beginning it is often important for the business owner to have good personal credit to start a business credit line.

Every business is different, and they also establish credit a little differently.  There is no one exact way to establish a business credit profile, but there is a general process.  This five step process conveniently outlines the important steps every business should take.

Step 1: Start as You Create Your Business

This step contains a lot of important actions.  All these actions aim to successfully establish a company that looks legitimate on paper.  This includes writing a solid business plan with financial information, obtaining all the required licenses, getting a business phone line that is registered and listed under the business’ name, and forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company).  Forming an LLC is very important because it gives your company a corporate structure.

Another very important step when creating your business is getting a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  This number comes for the IRS for your taxes.  Having this number separates your business from your personal finances.

Step 2: Research Credit Bureaus and Lenders’ Requirements


There are three major credit bureaus that your company will want to get into.  These bureaus are Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax.  You should research these bureaus and find out what they look for in a company.  It is always good to know what you need in order to establish a credit profile with the credit bureau.

Step 3: Join Credit Bureaus


This step varies from business to business.  Sometimes businesses can do this right away, and other times a business will need to work to meet the requirements of the credit bureau.  Once the business meets the requirements it is a good idea to join all three credit bureaus.

For Dun & Bradstreet you will want to get a D-U-N-S number, but don’t stop there.  Go on to create a complete profile with them.  It is important to have a complete profile because it is a source for anyone who looks up your business.  Sometimes businesses actually come looking for you, and the profile will be important when this happens.

Joining smaller credit bureaus that specialize in your industry can be very beneficial. Your business will be represented on a website where people go in search of companies like yours.  It can be great exposure.

Step 4: Establishing Credit


There are three main ways in which a business can start on a credit profile.

1st Way: Obtain a bank account


Getting a business account that is separate from your personal bank account is a good idea in general.  It may not be easy to do right away, but if you get an account you might be able to qualify for a credit card.  However, this will probably depend on your personal credit.

Before choosing a bank to work with, make sure to research all your options.  Sometimes a community bank or credit union will be the best option because they tend to be more flexible than other banks.

2nd Way: Finding investors and making first purchases

Having investors that have some sort of business credentials will really help your business out in the beginning.  When you want to make your first purchases for your business make sure to work with vendors who will allow you to start a business credit line with them based on your personal credit.

Your business is more likely to be approved by the vendor if you have reputable investors.  The vendors should also send your purchase and payments information to the credit bureaus to help you establish a credit profile.

3rd Way: Obtain a loan

Getting a loan from a state or national business association will also help establish business credit.  Making the payments on time will help your credit profile, because the association will send that information to the credit bureaus.


Step 5: Applying for Credit


This step often occurs not too long after a business has started to establish some credit.  It can be difficult for businesses to obtain credit when they are in their early stages, so it is important to go to the right place.  The best idea is to apply to creditors who are known for helping out small business in the beginning without a personal guarantee.  You may not always be able to find a creditor that doesn’t require a personal guarantee, but it is the ideal.

Step 6: Improving or Building an Established Credit Profile


After following the previous three steps your business should have a credit profile.  It will probably be small, but there are simple ways to make it bigger or improve your credit rating.

  • Getting an additional credit card.  It is important to note that it is best if a business only has a few credit cards instead of many.  Some people recommend having three credit cards with places that report your information to the credit bureaus.
  • Continue to work with suppliers that send information to the credit bureaus.
  • Make payments on time.  The best idea is to make payments early, because it is often noted.
  • Make sure your credit profile has different types of credit, including leases, loans, and trade credit.
  • Keep your financial records and licenses current.

Step 7: Maintain Personal Credit


Your business credit will be very important, but your personal credit may be looked at from time to time.  Make sure you don’t neglect your personal credit because you are concerned with your business credit.

Step 8: Keep an Eye on Your Profile


Once your credit profile is larger and available through a credit bureau it is important to check it a couple times a year.  It is always good to make sure the bureau is displaying current information.  If anything is wrong make sure to let the bureau know.

Step 9: Know Your Industry


It is very important for you to know what is going on in the industry.  If you know what your competitors are spending you can get close to their numbers.  This is important because vendors will be checking these numbers and will notice if your business’ spending is abnormal in any way.  A good way to get informed is through forums.  Joining the insider circles of the credit bureaus is also a good idea.


HP Zeen, BestBuy Rocketfish and other latest iPad rivals

Apple has been a company known to innovate in niche markets. They did it for mp3 players with the iPod, and again for the smartphone market with the iPhone. And now they’re turning their sights on mobile computing as they introduce their new wonder device, the unfortunately named, iPad.

But the release of a new Apple product doesn’t come without its woes. On one side you’ve got the Apple fanatics who worship Steve Jobs like Christ’s second coming, and would be willing enough to part with hard earned dollars just to try out Apple’s latest gadgets. And on the other side, you’ve got cautious buyers and tech experts who find Apple’s devices a bit lacking on technical features. They aren’t quick to accept Steve Job’s words as gospel truth.

But wherever you may side on the Apple debate, you can’t deny the company’s influence, particularly in steering the tech industry’s attention to its chosen endeavors. Ever since Apple came out with the iPad, the whole industry has been turning its eye towards tablet computing. And with good reason: the iPad has sold more than 3 million units since its launch.

Now we’ve got companies like HP and BestBuy wanting a slice of Apple’s pie by coming out with their own brand of iPad-killers. First of the bunch is the HP Zeen. Now there has been no official press release from HP regarding this mystery product. But details have been unearthed from FCC filings made by the company.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the HP Zeen is an Android-based tablet that focuses on e-reading and has the ability to directly connect to an HP printer without the need for a computer. There are a myriad of rumors surrounding this device. But whatever the final specs may be, I think there’s enough proof to say that this exists, and that HP is definitely working on it. And that in itself is newsworthy enough.

Also consider the fact that this could be a separate entity from their other tablet PC, the HP Slate, with Windows 7 in mind. So that means that HP is working on not only one but at least two potential iPad-killers.

Best Buy on the other hand, are also coming up with their own tablet, the Rocketfish. Best Buy CTO and Geek Squad founder, Robert Stephens has been tweeting about the device. It is also said to be running a version of Android 2.2. Pictures of the tablet show that it is slightly smaller than the iPad.

No hardware specs have yet been released for the device, and it probably hasn’t left the prototype stage. This early leak must be some sort of viral marketing to create some early buzz for the product.

The iPad virtually created the tablet PC market and now, HP and Best Buy are planning to be major players in it as well. Nothing bad ever came out with a little healthy competition and ultimately, with a variety of solid choices, it is the consumers who would come out as the winners.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.

Battle for the eBook Readers: iPad vs. Kindle

The Amazon Kindle allows you to buy, collect and read as many as 1,500 books in a light, practical device. Since then, many manufacturers have come up with their own eBook readers, including Apple, who decided to give fans an all-in-one device with the Apple iPad. With iBook, the iPad’s dedicated eBook reader, it looks like the competition for ebook supremacy is getting fiercer.

By installing iBook on your iPad, you turn it into a virtual library that can hold 32 to 64 gigs of your favorite fiction. But while it is similar to the Kindle in most aspects, some users report of considerable eyestrain with the iPad. It also has a fewer selection of books.

With its E-Ink display, reflective screen and dense pixilation of its text, the Kindle is easier on the eyes than the iPad. In addition, its battery can last for 2 weeks–much longer than the iPad. It’s also lighter, cheaper and has 450,000 titles ready for download from Amazon.

Comparing the Amazon Kindle with the iPad might be a case of apples and oranges. The decision to buy either will depend on your needs and your budget.

For full version of this article, please visit “Battle for the eBook Readers: iPad vs. Kindle


Best Must Have iPad Applications

There are a lot of cool applications available for your iPad. But while you might be tempted to install all of them, you can save money by picking out only the best. The following are some of the coolest applications for your iPad.

You can collect and read books with iBook, iPad’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle. The iBook converts your iPad into an electronic book reader and opens up a library of as many as 60,000 (and counting) books to choose from. Are you a Twitter fan? Then download Tweetdeck for the iPad. Very similar to the desktop stream client, Tweetdeck for the Apple iPad allows you to read and update your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Get your own personal planetarium for your iPad with Star Walk, which allows you to bring the beauty of the night sky, from its planets to its stars, straight to your Apple iPad. Other applications worth mentioning are Air Sharing Pro, which lets you transfer files to your iPad, as well as Epicurious, which allows you to save, store and share recipes.

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How to Get Your Apple iPad Repaired

Don’t worry if your Apple iPad suddenly freezes, crashes or if your WiFi doesn’t work. There are a lot of tips and guides to repair ipad online that you can refer to, to help you fix your iPad. As much as possible, it’s best to try to see what you can do to fix it first, before bringing your iPad to a repair center.

Check for updates in the Apple website regularly. Some people have been reporting problems with the WiFi connectivity of the Apple iPad. The latest firmware update of the Apple iPad also promises to fix iPad this issue. You can also try resetting your iPad by pressing and holding the power button for at least three seconds. The slider button should then appear after three seconds or more. Slide the arrow with your finger to turn your iPad off. Wait for about 15 seconds before turning it back on again.

For more complicated repair problems, try doing a hard reset on your iPad by connecting it to iTunes and clicking on the “Reset” button. These tips should bring your iPad back to tip-top shape.

For full version of this article, please visit “How to Get Your Apple iPad Repaired

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