How to Use Both Sides of Your Print Paper When Printing

Using both sides of a print paper (or duplex printing) is one way to help save Mother Earth without having to join Green Peace or start holding protest marches in your neighborhood. Although it may seem difficult at first, printing on both sides of a print paper is quite simple and easy to do.

The [...]

Label Makers – Helping Save on Printer Supplies

Most people have seen the real convenience offered by label makers. For one, it is noted to organize everything from your child’s needs, kitchen requirements and other room essentials. In the office, it is ideal for labeling of pamphlets, brochures, handouts and other business documents. Much more than organizing though, you also desire to know [...]

Brother Label Makers – What You Can Create out of the Product

Since Brother introduced its own set of label makers in the market, people have been craving for it. Owe that to the P-touch labeling system adapted by the gadget. This allows you to do all label making tasks wherever you are whenever you need it.

Brother label makers come in different varieties. This is aside [...]

Label Makers – Useful Ideas for the Office and the Home

Ever since label makers were conceptualized by manufacturers and released in the market, a lot of people looked forward to having one. Some of you out there learned about how useful it is in your offices while others discovered its purposes in the home. There are certainly many uses for label makers.Label makers are actually [...]

Save Time and Money Using DYMO Label Makers

Life is composed of a series of uncountable clutters—deadlines to beat, meetings to attend, games to watch, dishes to wash, rooms to clean, clothes to iron, and the long list goes on. Our job? To organize. But if we do, will we ever finish? I highly doubt it. For sure, we’ll just fall into a [...]

Tips for Great Digital Photo Prints

You’ve mastered the art of digital photography and have thousands of digital photos just lying in your 1-terrabyte hard drive. Should you just be content with having your works of art lie in suspended animation forever? It’s time you put more elbow grease into your hobby and start seeing your work on print.

Digital photo [...]

Who uses wide format printers and why?

Wide format printers are probably among the greatest creations in the industry of digital printing. This is because these printers have facilitated the production of huge and also gigantic prints with no compromise on the quality of picture as well as the accuracy of color. Nevertheless, wide format printers happen to be specialized printers and [...]

What Is Digital Printing? All You Need to Know about Digital Printers and Printing

What is digital printing? Though it has basically transformed the world of printing, not a lot of people are aware of how it works and even what it means. Digital printing refers to the reproduction of digital photos to a surface such as photo paper or bond paper.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Compared to other [...]

Selecting the Right Kind of Specialty Paper for your Projects

Spicing up your invitations, greeting cards and scrapbooks have now become extremely easy with specialty papers that are available in office supply depots. Unlike regular, boring bond paper, specialty papers come in a variety of colors, thickness and texture. Using the right kind of specialty paper can make all the difference in how the finished [...]

10 Great Uses of Label Makers

Label maker software programs and devices provide a cost-effective yet attractive way to label all of your stuff. There are so many great uses for label makers. Here are just 10 of these uses.

1. Address Stickers

With the holiday season coming up, it is time to start writing down those Christmas greeting cards and [...]