Simple Tips to Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Although the Apple iPhone has become everyone’s favorite gadget, its battery life leaves much to be desired. With the numerous apps available for your enjoyment, it can be a bit frustrating that the iPhone’s battery runs out of juice much quicker than other mobile phones. There are, however, a number of tips that you can [...]

Ways to Save on Ink & Toner while using Brother Laser Printer Cartridges

Ink and Toner can be rather expensive when it comes to using Brother Laser Printer Cartridges. However, there are a few unique ways, methods and even hacks that you can take advantage of in order to save money and to also save on your ink and toner use.

The best tips and hacks are found [...]

7 Quick Tips to Save $3,000 in 2010

Saving money has always been on the top of our resolution lists every New Year. But, more often than not, we fail to fulfill this goal as we set plans that are too unrealistic and vague. To help you this year in managing money well, here’s a list of practical, particular and highly achievable 7 [...]

Best 9 Money Saving Tips for the Year 2010

For the coming year 2010, saving money should be one of your priorities. These days money isn’t easy to acquire. With the ongoing recession and the increase in the prices of commodities, it is essential for an individual to save money. Hence, here are 9 money tips that will help you save money for the [...]

Tips to Get Better Results While Refilling an Already Refilled Printer Ink Cartridge

Printer ink cartridges, at least the original ones, are notoriously expensive. This is why it is not really surprising that a lot of printer users opt to buy generic printer ink cartridges. If not that, then they take their empty printer cartridges to ink refill stations or buy ink refill kits to minimize their printing [...]

What Not to Do When Refilling Your Inkjet Printer’s Cartridges

A lot of inkjet printer users opt to refill their inkjet printer cartridges rather than buy original branded cartridges when their printers run out of ink. This is fully understandable. Original inkjet printer cartridges can be quiet expensive, averaging $60 per package. Not everyone can afford to shell out that much money on printer ink, [...]

5 Printer Ink Tips to Save Money

Have you ever wondered why a lot of printers targeted for home and small office consumers are cheaply priced? You may not be aware of it, but it is an open secret in the printer manufacturing industry that printer manufacturers deliberately peg their prices of their printers down. The reason why they could afford to [...]

How Do I Know If My PC Is Ready for a Windows 7 Upgrade?

A couple of months ago, Microsoft released its newest operating system, which it called simply as Windows 7. Given that Microsoft is an expert at marketing its products, pre-orders for this new OS shot through the roof and broke the sales records of online retailers such as The growing popularity of Windows 7 nonetheless [...]

Compatibility Issues: Will My PC Gadgets and Software Still Work with Windows 7?

Windows 7, the latest version of Microsoft’s very own operating system, is now out in the market in various versions and editions or pre-installed in new computers. A lot of computer users are raring to try out this newest Windows OS and its popularity is already up long before it was even available for sale. [...]

Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard: Five Main Differences

The third quarter of 2009 proved to be an exciting time for avid computer users. The reason: Both Apple and Microsoft launched new operating systems that are beautiful enough to make computer users on the Mac camp and on the PC camp swoon. Apple launched Snow Leopard on August 28 while Microsoft made its Windows [...]