Good Tips about Maintaining Your iPhone

Like any other technological gadget, your Apple iPhone needs regular maintenance. You should always watch out and care for the battery, the body and the operating system of your iPhone regularly so that it runs as smooth as a brand new one.

Shield your iPhone from the sun, and keep it out of heated areas like inside your parked car. Avoid overcharging and remove the plug once the battery reaches 100%, then completely drain to 0%. Do this at least once a month. To keep your iPhone running quickly and seamlessly, don’t fully load your iPhone. Free a certain percentage of the memory to compensate for spikes in activity.

You should also avoid using the touchscreen of the iPhone with wet or damp hands. Keep a small piece of clean cloth to wipe off dust, grime and unsightly fingerprint marks on the screen. To add an extra layer of protection for your iPhone, why not invest in some protective accessories. iPhone cases, screen protectors, and the like would go a long way in keeping your iPhone looking as good as new.

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