How to Fix Common Brother Inkjet Printer & Printer Cartridge Problems

You’ve just finished typing up a document you need for work or school. Now you need to print that document. You select “Print” and expect to have your freshly printed pages neatly ejected from your machine flawlessly. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. When problems happen, you might feel frustrated enough to toss the printer in the trash. Instead, consider fixing the problem yourself.

Runs Out of Ink Quickly

A common problem many people may face with their Brother printers is that they run out of ink quickly. That means you could end up having just changed the ink cartridges than going to print only to find out that you’re running on empty again. The cause of this issue is that Brother Printers are continually cleaning the inkjets and this ends up wasting a lot of ink. If you want to avoid the problem, you should turn off the printer and unplug it from the wall socket when you have finished all of your print jobs for the day. This will prevent it from doing the continually cleaning.

Stops Working Suddenly

When your Brother printer stops working all of a sudden, you should think first about what changes you have made to your system that might have caused the problem. For example, if you have recently upgraded to Vista, your printer may not work unless you download a different printer driver that is compatible with the new operating system. If you’re not sure how to find one, go to and have them email you the driver you need for free. Installing it will correct your problem.

Vertical Smudges

If you start seeing vertical smudges on the pages that you have printed, your first place to look for problems is the cartridges. They may be running low on ink. If you’ve ruled out that problem, you may need to replace the printer’s drum. While you can do this yourself by purchasing the drum which costs more than $100, you may want to consider purchasing a new printer, especially if you’ve had the Brother printer for a long time.

Error Messages

Receiving error messages can be frustrating when you’re trying to print because they rarely make sense to the average user. Your best option is to pull out the manual or browse the online manual to find out what that specific error message means for the printer. Often the manual will include an explanation of how to correct the problem.

Another way to check your printer is by asking other people who are using the same printer to attempt to print a document, too. If no one can get the printer to work, you may want to do troubleshooting at the printer level. If only you cannot print, the problem is probably with your connection.


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