How to Fix Common Epson Inkjet Printer & Printer Cartridge Problems

Having printer problems can be some of the most challenging technology errors to contend with. There seems to be a myriad of problems that can go wrong with the average printer. The good news is that many of the problems you’re likely to face with your Epson inkjet printer can sometimes be corrected without much difficult right in your home. Here are a few examples.

Print Cartridge Not Properly Installed

With Epson printers, you may receive an error message after you have changed the ink cartridges. The message may say that the printer is not installed correctly in the printer. First, re-install the cartridge to make sure you have done it correctly. If the message still appears, remove it again and place adhesive tape on the portholes. Re-install. If the problem continues again, take the cartridge back because it may be defective and get a replacement. Finally, install the replacement ink cartridge. If you’re still getting the same error message, you probably need to clean the print head. You can do this at home or can take it to a reliable repair facility.

Failure to Print

Another common problem with Epson printers is that sometimes you’ll either print documents which are blank or you won’t be able to print at all because the flow of ink has been blocked. These printers have sensitive print heads which can become clogged or blocked easier than with other printers. You can unclog them by purchasing a specially designed fluid which can flush them out and make them as good as new. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the job yourself, consult a professional.

Communication Error Problems

When you can’t print because of a problem, you may sometimes get a message that there has been a communication problem between the printer and the computer. That usually means a minor problem has occurred. For example, the printer or the print server may not be turned on. Another possibility is that you have not selected the appropriate printer in your print options menu. You may also want to check the cable connections to your printer or the wireless connection depending on which method you are using. If none of these problems help, consider re-downloading or re-installing the device’s driver.

Slow or Incomplete Print Jobs

Occasionally, you may get the Epson printer to print only to have problems occur during the process. For example, you may find that the printing stops, waits then starts back up again. Then it repeats the process again several times before finishing a single page. In some cases, you may also find that the page prints out but does not have the finished print job on the page. What often is happening in these cases has nothing to do with the actual printer. Instead, you may have contracted a virus of have a computer infected with spyware. These programs can interfere with many processes including your printer. Download appropriate software and have your system thoroughly scanned for both.


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