How to Print Using Your BlackBerry Phone

Among the number of personal digital assistants or PDAs available in the market today, the BlackBerry is probably one of the most nifty to have. The BlackBerry stands out among smartphones in that it was really developed to function as a business phone for business purposes. It does not have unnecessary frills, and it works just the way it is expected to work.

Most of us know that the BlackBerry is great for organizing schedules, storing contacts, taking down notes, receiving and sending emails, browsing the Internet, and sending web-based fax. But what about mobile printing? Is it possible to get mobile printing done on your BlackBerry?

It certainly is, and there are many printing solutions out there that are specifically designed for the BlackBerry. Here are a few of them.

HP CloudPrint for BlackBerry

Research in Motion (RIM), the developer of the BlackBerry phones and the technology related to them, struck a partnership with computer company Hewlett-Packard. This partnership resulted in HP CloudPrint, a solution that allows anyone with a BlackBerry to access any printer nearby and print documents. It is definitely a handy solution for people doing business on the road.

 With the HP CloudPrint, you can upload a document on the HP servers that are dedicated for use in this service. The service will prompt you for the document’s name, your name and your phone number prior to uploading. When the uploading is done, the document will appear as an Adobe Acrobat file on your web browser. Click on it, and it will print using the nearest networked printer.

Mobile Printing from Brother for BlackBerry

HP is not the only computer company to come up with a mobile printing solution for BlackBerry phones. Brother also has its own software for the smartphone, for use in some of their mobile printer models, such as the MPrint MW-140 BT.

Like most mobile printers, the MPrint mobile printer works using Bluetooth technology, but Brother’s mobile printing solution is specifically made for the BlackBerry. The software suite can be downloaded from the Brother website.

When the software is installed, it adds a print option for messages, tasks and calendar in the BlackBerry. The phone will then communicate with the Brother mobile printer using a variety of Bluetooth options.

ActivePrint Traveler for BlackBerry

Another software solution that will allow you to do mobile printing using your BlackBerry is the ActivePrint Traveler. ActivePrint was first developed for the Windows Mobile operating system for smartphones, although its developers have since branched out to offer similar mobile printing services to other phone services, not just BlackBerry but also the Apple iPhone and the Google Android.

ActivePrint Traveler works almost like the HP CloudPrinter. You need to install the software in your BlackBerry, and then use the software to upload documents onto the ActivePrint servers. The document will then be available for printing as soon as you get to a computer that is hooked up with a printer.

There are many mobile printing solutions that you can explore for your BlackBerry. All of them are designed to make your work run more smoothly and easily whenever you are away from your physical office and are on the road.


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