How To Save Your Open Ink Cartridges

You purchase a brand new original printer cartridge. You try installing it but it would not work. You tried resetting your printer and cleaning it, but it still would not recognize it. You try another printer cartridge and it still wouldn’t work. Only after you have sent your printer to the service center that you realize that the problem was your printer, not your ink cartridges. Now, your printer is repaired but you are left with two opened ink cartridges that you want to save for future use.

Why do printers not recognize original printer cartridges?

Usually, the problem of printer cartridges not being recognized is experienced by those that use generic or refilled printer cartridges. Many printers now come with a smart chip technology that would tell the printer how much ink is left in the cartridge. The chip stores the last information that is sent to the printer. In this case, it is the information that the printer cartridge is empty.

Another reason is due to the printer itself. Ideally, once a new printer cartridge has been installed on the printer, it automatically resets and refreshes itself to recognize the new printer cartridge installed. Sometimes, the printer fails to do so. So, even if you have already installed your printer with a fresh and original printer cartridge, the printer would fail to recognize this.
What happens now to my open printer cartridge?

Inkjet printers, as the term implies, uses ink to print out the texts and images onto the printer surface. Once it has been installed onto a printer, even when this is not recognized, the printer cartridge is now opened and susceptible to dirt, dust and air. These would eventually cause the ink printer cartridge to dry up, rendering it unusable.

How do I save my open ink printer cartridges?

To store your already opened ink printer cartridges for future use, here are a few steps to follow:

  • With a soft, moist (not wet) cloth, gently wipe the opening of the ink cartridge to rid it of any dried up ink that could cause clogging.
  • Cover the opening with vinyl tape to prevent leakage. If your cartridge holds multiple color ink tanks, make sure that the vinyl tape does not touch the other openings. This would contaminate the colors with each other.
  • Take a clean damp (not wet) cloth and put this in a zip lock plastic bag along with your printer cartridge. The moist cloth will make sure that the printer cartridge would not dry up.
  • Store in a cool, dry place that you can easily remember so that you can use this after the cartridge that you are using is completely consumed.
  • Re-moisten the cloth every few days to ensure that it does not dry up.

Precautionary Measures

One way to make sure that this does not happen in the future is to regularly clean your printer and printer head. Sometimes, dust and ink tend to block the electrical circuits needed to recognize that a new printer cartridge has been installed.


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