Most Common Kodak Printer and Kodak Ink Cartridge Problems and Troubleshooting

Kodak printers are a good option if you are going to buy a printer. It could be one of the options you should definitely consider. However, like all other printer models even Kodak printers are prone to some common printer, as well as, cartridge problems. Troubleshooting these problems is fairly easy.

Here is a list of problems that you might face and we have also offered their solutions.

The Power LED shows no Illumination; the Printer does not power On

This is a common enough problem. The possible cause of this occurrence could be that the cables and cords are not connected as securely as they must be. You must make sure that the cords are connected in accordance with the instructions. Another reason for this could be the fact that the printer power is not ‘on’. You might just have turned the switch in the ‘I’ position.

The Printing Process is Slow

Another common problem and the culprit in this case might be the size of the image file. This could take up a lot of time for the printer to process the PostScript file. Thus, the only solution in this case is to show some patience. At times, the slow printing process is a result of the printer getting warm. The best thing to do in such a case would be to turn off the printer and allow it to cool down. Also, you could think about changing the printer location and shifting it to a cooler location.

No Action Taken When Job is Sent

The possible solution to this problem could be to check and recheck whether the job is actually being processed or not. Moreover, you must check whether you have set the printer in the correct mode for printing. You must use the Raster Mode while using the export module and all other types of printing can be done by choosing the PostScript mode.

The Processing is Complete, No Print

This is another common problem that affects the Kodak Printer. This is Kodak ink cartridge related problem and not a general printer problem. All you need to do is clean the head of the ink cartridges. Accumulated dust or dried color might prevent the printing process from taking place; hence you must clean the head of the cartridges. All Kodak printers come with a set of tools that not only clean the printer ink cartridge heads but align them as well.

Printer’s Not Working after Cartridge Change

Once the ink in the cartridge is finished, you either need to change the ink cartridges or get them refilled with ink. Whatever, the case maybe, you will have to take the cartridges out of the printer and put them back in place. Some times, you will find that the printer does not print, even though the cartridge ink is full. The problem could be sorted out by checking if the cartridges are securely in place. Secure it, and the printer is sure to start working.


  • I found this blog because my Kodak printer seams to run out of ink after only printing a few pages. If BB is selling me test carts, there should be a law suit comming. My HP deskjet at work will print 50 to 100 times more pages. I am going to throw mine away today and buy an HP

  • I changed the black ink cartridge in my ESP3, and kept getting a message saying the colour cartridge could not be dfetected, even though I had not touched it, and it is about 75% full. After trying several things – switching off/taking it out and putting it back in etc, I finally fitted a new one – and now keep getting a message that the black one – which is brand new and unused – needs replacing! Having removed both and re-installed them, the colour led is flashing, and the status monitor brings up 2 boxes – 1 saying colour cartridge not recognised, though the graphic shows both cartridges as full, and the other saying Ready! But whatever I do, it refuses to print – the cartridges are X-Print, which have always worked well before.

  • Buy a Lexmark. Ive had mine for about a year and had to install 3 print-heads.

  • I’ll be replacing my first print head next week, when I told them that I was spending too much money on ink, they suggested to leave the printer ON (safe mode) otherwise the ink dries up. I tell you what, I will replace the print head they are sending for free, and will replace this junk of a printer, never again will I purchase Kodak, the company steals from us. Also, I thought my accent was bad until I called their customer service.

  • I am having the same problems as a lot of people here. First the ink is used quite fast. I dont believe it is using all the ink and second when I replace the Ink catridge it still reads that it needs replacing. When i called tech support they stated they will send me one out. I need work done today, not 7 days later. I bought another replacement cartridge and it said the same thing. Also the Tech support are not located in America. I couldn’t understand a word they said. Bummer

  • Jimmie @ post 106 said it all. No good fix from out of country tech support, but we can escalate my issue later when i run out of ink. Very, very disappointed with a company I thought I could trust. Ink disappears as if by magic after 15-20 pages, and I need the color cartrige to print b/w? Kodak should work in Vegas with the smoke and mirrors trick they have. Very believable. I will bow my head and admit defeat to my friend who advised against my ” to good to be true” purchase. At least one company will survive the bad economy!

  • I love my Kodak printer. It prints great and the ink is so much cheaper than Lexmark BUT…..and this is a big one….why can’t companies treat people fairly!

    The ink is cheaper but their technology is designed so that once color runs out you can’t just keep going with black. You have to get another color cartridge before it will print again. And even when you rarely use color (as I do) the color cartridge level goes down fairly quickly. Turns out that to print black documents Kodak printers mixes in color.

    Talk about a scam. This should be illegal. It’s fraud. Their commercials make a big point of saying you can print hundreds of pages – pictures even!!! A person assumes black ink is used to print black text. Apparently to make shades of grey they add color???


  • I have a kodak esp 5210 all in one, you have to change ink all the time, I have a full black and then it tell me my color out of ink, I go buy a color and my full black is out of ink, then buy a new black my color is out again and I haven’t printed anything, go to thier chat and they tell you they have the best printer around, what B.S. maybe we should write the president of the company or consumer protect. I will use my old HP.

  • I have a Kodak ESP5250 – going to be replacing it very soon. From a black cartridge I maybe get 25 sheets if I’m lucky. If I print a couple of sheets then nothing for a few weeks, the cartridge is empty – it seems to evaporate, very very quickly.

    I’ve just printed 4 sheets now in draft – no sign of lack of ink. However, on the screen it said ink cartridge low, now it says it needs replacing and refuses to print any more. Why? There is obviously some ink left, why not let me use it?

    I’ve decided it will be cheaper to buy a budget printer like a lexmark or cheap Epson, then when the ink runs out just replace it with another cheap printer and give the old one away. Much better than wasting time and money on the Kodak rubbish.

  • Wow! I’ve had the same problem…ink runs out frequently. I rarely print something from the printer, but the ink runs out or dries up (Kodak ESP 5250). I’m glad I read through all the posts. I was going to buy new ink cartridges, but now I’m going to buy a different printer instead (what should I replace it with?) I agree with everyone else. This is truly a ripoff. My printer is less than two years old, and I’ve replaced the cartridges countless times. Very frustrating!

  • I have 2 Kodak printers and both of mine have stopped working because the new ink cartridges are not recognized after putting them in. I called Kodak and they basically accused me of using a conterfeit brand of ink. I don’t do that. I buy their ink. Both of my printers worked great until recently. I really think it is a Kodak ink cartridge problem because I took one of my computers to the shop to have it checked out for software problems and it worked great until I installed a new cartridge. I have had problems with both the black and color cartridge. Kodak sent me a new color cartridge and that did not work.

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