Parents Need to Know About Sexting

Sexting is something done with sending a sexually explicit photographs or messages and videos, mainly over the mobile phone. It is an act of seducing someone by using a very sensual messages or photos and videos that can arouse a person. According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, 4% of population from US ages 12 to 17 have forwarded “sexts” and 15% from them have received a pornographic images and videos from someone they know, that means 85% were received from someone they do not know. This problem is very serious for parents, that is why they need to know the internet safety guides.

A survey also from The National Campaign conducted a research, they found out that majority was posted or sent to their boyfriend and girlfriend and some was a purpose of they liked to hooked up. A case of sexting was reported at The New York Times when a 14 year old girl named Margarite sent a nude photo to her boyfriend through a cellphone, later the couple break up, her boyfriend Isaiah, send the nude photo of Margarite to a friend and found out after it was spread all over. This is why parents need to focus about teen safe browsing.


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