Printer Buying Tips

There are a number of different printers out in the market today to meet the needs of every user. When purchasing a printer for the home or business, there are a number of things including reading printer reviews that you need to take into consideration.

Common Kinds of Printers

There are three kinds of printers that are commonly used in the home and in small business establishments:

  • Inkjet printers. This is perhaps the most common kind of printer found in both home and business establishments. This use liquid ink to create high quality text documents and colored image print outs.
  • Laser printers. These printers are slightly more expensive than inkjet printers but are more preferred, especially for business establishments. Aside from printing out materials with a quality that is higher than inkjet printers, they are less prone from smearing and smudging as in the case of inkjet printers.
  • Dot matrix printers. These printers are now more commonly used in business establishments than at home. Many complain of the noise that dot matrix printer emit when printing. However, these printers come in handy for printing receipts and regular status reports.

Use of the Printers

Printers found at home are used for the following purposes:

  • Printing of text documents (essays for schools, letters)
  • Printing of colored documents and images (photographs, greeting cards)

On the other hand, printers found in business establishments can be extremely varied uses, depending on the nature of the business establishments. All business establishments require a printer to print out documents to be disseminated to the employees of the business. It is a good idea, though, that business establishments use a variety of different printers depending on the operations of the business. This may initially be a very expensive choice. But in the long run, this would be able to save the business in terms of its total cost of printer ownership.

Cartridge Costs

One of the most important things that are taken into consideration when buying a printer is the cost of the ink or toner cartridges. Ink and toner cartridges are the most replaced part of the printer because each time that this runs out, new printer cartridges would need to be purchased. It is important to first find out if there are alternative printer cartridges that are available. Examples are generic and remanufactured printer cartridges. These printer cartridges are sold for almost half the price of original printer cartridges which can cut down costs in the long run.
Service Centers and Warranties

Just like any equipment, printers would need to be repaired and serviced on a regular basis. This is especially true for business establishments because of the high volume of print outs done on a daily basis. Most printer companies would offer a full warranty for the printer and its accessories for a certain period of time. It would be beneficial to ask where the printer can be serviced whether you are going to use the printer at home or for your business. It is also a good idea to inquire if service centers would service the printers in your home or business establishment.


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