Safe Browsing Tips for Your Teens to Avoid Online Gambling and Sexting

  • An open conversation with your teens are essential about the promising effect from online gambling ¬†like failing grades from school, spending too much money and unhealthy results to their body and mind if they will be addictive to online gambling and betting.
  • Advice your children to avoid with gamers that simply harass the other players by using inappropriate words and cheats them.
  • Parents can also block or restricted site about gambling or betting sites, parents can also choose the restriction and turn off the Safari, Youtube, installing and location of the iPhone or Android smartphones.
  • Limit their time in surfing and guide who they are talking to. Control what they share and see. Adults might befriend with your teens and share links to a pornographic sites and nasty software. Bad people might also have a plan to meet them in person by trying to communicate with them by call, text or emails.
  • Educate your teens that they must inform you if they notice an inappropriate or suspected acts from a stranger.
  • Look for a safe internet browsing site and recommend it to your child.


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