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Most Popular Docking Stations of 2009

Docking stations provide more conveniences when plugging a portable computer to its corresponding computer peripherals. A docking station makes it possible for laptops to become like their desktop computer predecessors. This happens without even sacrificing the mobility and functionality of the device.

Using a laptop docking station depends upon you as a consumer. Cold docking may be done. This is a process where the laptop is shut down before docking it to the station. Conversely, in hot docking procedures, the computer runs and functions while it is docked or undocked on the docking station. Standby docking is also possible and this is done by putting the computer on its sleep mode before it is docked to the device.

Famous Docking Stations for 2009

A laptop docking station makes it possible for you to use devices such as mouse, scanners and printers without the need of plugs or cables. In some cases, you may also want to use larger keyboards than those found in your laptops. This is where the roles of docking stations enter the scene. For the year 2009, the following popular choices are seen in the market.

1. Kensington Portable Notebook Cooling Station Model 60149. 1_Kensington Portable Notebook Cooling Stan Model 60149 This popular laptop docking station from the Kensington Brand functions as a cooler for your notebooks. With its adjustable tilt, you are relieved of eye and neck strain while using your computers docked in this station. This dock can be yours for a retail price of $19.99.

2. Targus Universal Notebook Docking Station Model ACP50US. 2_Targus Universal Notebook Docking Sta Model ACP50USIf you are looking for a one touch connection to any of your notebooks or tablet PCs, this docking station is suitable for your needs. The regular price of this item starts from $155.85 but you may also acquire it at a sales price of $134.55.

3. Targus Podium Coolpad Model PA241U. If you expect your laptop to work for you all day, this docking station is what you actually need. The system works to help cool your mobile PCs by raising the amount of air flowing around your PC. You may own a piece for a decent price of $29.56.

4. Logitech Alto Portable Laptop Stand Model 967684-0403. 4_Logitech Alto Portable Laptop Stand Model 967684 0403 If you want docking stations with larger keyboards, this is one product to invest on. The integrated keyboard makes it a popular choice to end users. Grab one at a price of $100.26 but some marketers offer it at a discounted price of only $70.32.

5. HP Compaq Business Notebook & Tablet PC Laptop Docking Station. 5_HP Compaq Business Notebook & Tablet PC Laptop Docking StationThis is a multiple laptop docking station with a docking replicator. It is compatible for your HP laptops such as the 6500, 6700, 6900, 8500 and 8700 series models. This can be yours for a price starting at $99.99.

6. HP USB Media. 6_HP  USB Media Docking StationThis is one of the docking stations selling like hotcakes in the market despite a hefty price tag of $212.49 a piece. The popularity is due to the features contained in the product. It includes a USB PC port cable together with an audio jack auxiliary cable. Also included in the package is the wireless mouse and keyboard.

7. Toshiba Express Port Replicator II. 7_Toshiba Express Port Replicator IIJust like typical docking stations, this Toshiba model provides your laptops lesser hassles by eliminating the need to make use of multiple cables. It is best noted for its wake-up signal capabilities turning on your computers when signals are received from LAN or other devices connected through the USB port. This product is sold at a price of $203.99.

8. Tritton Technology USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station. This is a video dock sold at an affordable price of $93.99. This device allows you to connect your mouse, speakers, Ethernet, microphone and monitor through only one USB port.

These docking stations are very popular choices to most laptop users in the United States. With the features of these products, it is quite obvious why they are familiar in the market for laptop purchases. While you need to invest some money on such devices, you are sure to attain all the conveniences you want and eliminate the further hassles of using multiple cables.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.