All You Need to Know About Dell 924 Ink Cartridges

Special Dell ink cartridges are made for the printer model known as the Dell 924 AIO. The first set is known as the color cartridges that includes cyan, yellow and magenta. This can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a price of $20.99. On the other hand, another cartridge that fits the Dell 924 [...]

Green HP Portable Printers

HP has recently launched an innovative set of HP Portable Printers: HP Officejet Series. This line features laser-quality prints but only at an inkjet price. Furthermore, HP avows to the economical, environmental and exceptional quality of HP Officejet Series.

Innovative Features of the Latest Edition of HP Officejet Series:

Impressive printing quality – HP Officejet [...]

Outsmart Recession with HP Photosmart C4480

Because of the sudden unexpected global recession, being wise in making financial decisions is the key to survival. Buying the ultimate all-in-one printer is one of the ways to accomplish this. HP Photosmart C4480 offers such bargain as it proves to be the most economical all-in-one printer yet the most exceptional multifunctional printer in the [...]

Selecting the Best Wireless Printer

Today, a wireless printer had already become a real need more than mere a want, as portability is a must in the hectic lifestyle of many people today. Thus, various competing hardware companies allege that they are selling the best wireless printer ever, yet only a few stay true to their words. Rest assured that [...]

Epson WorkForce 610 versus Epson WorkForce 1100 – Comparing their Features

If you are looking for ideal partners for your business, Epson printers offer you the new series of items under the Epson WorkForce banner. These are the Epson WorkForce 610 and WorkForce 1100. These printers have features to boast to end users.

Both these Epson printers are filled with environmental features. They help save up [...]

Three Coolest Printers for Daddy on Father’s Day

Fathers’ Day is just around the corner. Have you picked up a gift for your dad already on Fathers’ Day? In case you have not yet done so, then may we suggest a nice printer for your father to use? Fathers do need printers, whether it is an inkjet printer, a laser printer, a wireless [...]

Top 5 Small Multifunction Home Office Printers in 2009

The small multifunction home office printers were developed to cater to the market known as SOHO, meaning small office home office. This generally includes individuals operating from home, small businesses and small divisions of large companies. These multifunction printers normally have the functions of printing, scanning, photocopying, faxing, and e-mailing. The major brands supplying this [...]

Common Setting Options to Print More Pages & Faster on Your Printer

Are you unhappy with your printer’s current performance? Do you want it to print faster so you can complete those print jobs in a hurry? After all, no one wants to stand over the printer waiting for those finished pages to come out. You may not realize it but there are ways to increase the [...]

All About Ink Cartridges, Ink Tanks and Print Heads

What are Ink Cartridges?

Inkjet printers are perhaps the most common printer that is found in households and business establishments. It uses a replaceable ink cartridge for printing out text documents and images. Inkjet printers use two ink cartridges. One is considered to be the black ink cartridge. As the term implies, this cartridge only [...]

Top Portable Photo Printer Models for Average Retail User

Portable photo printers are becoming a popular way to being able to print off digital shots on the fly which can be useful for a wide-range of purposes and makes them more convenient to use than other types of printers if you tend to travel a lot with your camera. Here are some of the [...]