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How to Use the HP iPrint App for Your iPhone

Just before Christmas of 2008, Hewlett-Packard made an announcement that totally rocked users of the iPhone and the iTouch all over the world. This groundbreaking news is none other than that of the new HP iPrint, Apple iPod and iPhone application being available at the Apple Apps store.

That the HP iPrint is now here is welcome news for people who love taking photos with their beloved iPhones.

What is HP iPrint?

If you are an iPhone or iTouch user, why should the advent of the HP iPrint application excite you? Basically, the HP iPrint app is supposed to enable you to print all those pictures you have stored on your iPhone or iTouch with the use of an HP printer that is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The HP iPrint app can offer you a world of convenience because you do not have to transfer your photos to your computer just to be able to print them. With HP iPrint, you can bypass your computer and just work directly with your HP inkjet printer.

Using the HP iPrint app is simplicity in itself. All you need to do is to click on the HP iPrint icon on your iPhone or iTouch interface and browse through the photo albums you may have collected there. And then, you select the photo that you want to print, and afterwards click on the big “Print” button below the photo. You will be given a set of printing options the first time you use the HP iPrint app, but just select your HP inkjet printer and you are then ready to print your photo.

A Few Limitations with the HP iPrint

Currently, there are a few limitations with the use of the HP iPrint application. For now, it can only print 4 x 6 inch photos according to the US standard, or 10 x 15 centimeter photos according to the European standard. Only jpeg formats are supported for now, and it cannot print photos of any other format.

The biggest limitation that the HP iPrint app has right now is that the printing process gets cancelled if you get a text message or a phone call on your iPhone. That not only means waste of time and of paper because you would have to repeat the printing process if you get interrupted by a phone call or an SMS.

Where Can You Get the HP iPrint App?

Despite its limitations, the HP iPrint application is still a nifty thing to have in your iPhone or iTouch. It makes photo printing easy if you have an HP inkjet printer that can print on a wireless network.

But where can you get the HP iPrint application? The app is available at the Apple Apps store, of course. You do not have to worry about spending money on the app, though, because the HP iPrint is free to download. To be able to use it, however, you would need to have the version 2.0 of the firmware or higher installed in your iPhone or your iTouch.

How to Fix Common HP Inkjet Printer & Printer Cartridge Problems

We have all been faced with this scenario: we need to print something for work or school only to find our HP inkjet printer isn’t cooperating. The good news is many of the common problems that may be preventing your print job from going through can be easily corrected. Below are some tips that can help you next time you’re facing this type of scenario.

Paper Jams

By far, the most common problem affecting any type of printer is paper jams. These can happen for any number of reasons but are often just a consequence of the construction of the machine. Different HP inkjet printers have the rollers in different locations so you may have an easy or difficult time reaching them in order to remove the offending trapped paper. No matter where the rollers can be found in the machine you should always remember to pull out the paper in the same direction as the normal printing path. Pulling it backwards could do damage to the printer.

Unable to Find Correct Printer Driver

If you want to be able to use all of the functionality of your HP printer, be sure to have installed the appropriate printer driver for the machine. Otherwise, some features might not work correctly. You may find some drivers are more difficult to find online than others but doing a search for the brand and model is one way to track down the printer driver you need. An easier way is to go to a site such as PrintCountry.com, which will email you the driver you want for free.
Faded Ink after a few Print Jobs

What if you’ve printed several jobs after changing the hp ink cartridge then the ink starts to look faded and too light only have a handful of pages have gone through. If you have this problem, first clean the heads of your HP printer. Check the manual for the specific details on how to do this for your machine. If the improvement from this is only temporary, you should return the cartridge. The problem occurs when the cartridge is not providing a steady supply of ink. This can happen because the cartridge has been on the shelves for a long time.

Refusing to Print

If you try to print and get an error message each time, you should always check the simple problems first before assuming there is a problem with your HP printer. Check to make sure your printer is probably connected and is turned on. Also check your printer settings on your computer to be certain that you have selected your printer from the menu. This is not always done automatically.

If your HP printer is connected to your system via a network, you should make sure those connections are working as well. Finally, take note of the error message or number then do a search at the HP site or via Google for information on what the problems means so you can fix it.

Pros & Cons of Buying a HP Inkjet or HP Laser Printer for your Home or Office

Hewlett Packard are one of the biggest names in computers and printers so it’s no wonder they might be one of the choices you’re considering if you’re looking to purchase a new printer. But is HP the right choice for you? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Buying an HP Printer

There are a number of advantages to purchasing an HP inkjet or laser printer.

• Reliability. One of the best reasons to consider an HP printer is their life-expectancy. Most printers do not continue working for more than a couple of years before needing to be replaced. HP printers, on the other hand, are known for lasting over five years. That’s excellent in terms of printers and means you’ll get a lot more value for your money.
• Variety. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one unit, a photo printer, or a stand alone model, you’ll find one that is available from HP. The same goes for prices. The company sells units for almost every budget.
• Relatively fast. On average, the HP inkjets and laser printers are fast at printing compared to other manufacturers. However, there are some models that are faster and a few that really drag down the average so be sure to do your own research before deciding on a model.

Cons of Buying an HP Printer

Despite the good reasons for choosing an HP printer, there are also some drawbacks you may want to consider.

  • Mediocre performance. While HP printers are reliable, the quality of the printing is rarely top-notch. Most of their printers provide run-of-the-mill quality. That goes for almost all of their units, including the photo line and the laser printers. There is some stand out exceptions, of course. And if you want a workhorse quality may not matter as much as reliability.
  • Expensive to operate. Although the printers are often affordable, keeping them supplied with ink is not. HP ink cartridges tend to be on the small side but also cost more than most. That means you’ll be spending more on replacement ink than you would with other models. The same seems to be true for the laser models as well. Only Dell and Lexmark printers seem to be more expensive in this area.

Ink Refilling & HP

If you do purchase an HP inkjet printer and but are worried about the operating expenses, one way to save money is by having the cartridges refilled. HP ink cartridges are some of the easiest to refill so this can be a great money-saving option if you decide an HP is the right choice for you.

Getting an HP?

Don’t decide now. Although pros and cons might be a good starting point for your research, you should look at different models more carefully so you can be sure to make the right choice whether you choose an HP or a different brand altogether.