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Beauty is in the Eye of HP Photosmart PRO printers

The competition in the field of professional photography is growing stronger and stronger each day. So, in order to help struggling photographers keep up with the competition, HP professional photo printers have recently released HP photosmart PRO printers, a new line of HP professional photo printer that fully satisfies the current needs of a professional photographer to stay ahead of the race. This is because HP believes that the beauty of a photo heavily relies on the quality of the printer that produced it. Hence, the importance of choosing the right printer should not be underestimated.

HP Photosmart PRO Printer General Features:

Impressive Print Quality – Like all HP professional photo printers, the HP photosmart PRO printer series can produce durable, damage and water proof prints and lab-like photos that resist fading for centuries and that quickly dries up after printing. This is made possible by its Vivera inks, which is capable of generating life-like portraits, fine art prints and landscapes

Highly Advanced Editing Tools Perfect for Professionals – HP photosmart PRO printers give the photographer the power to control image quality through the built-in color calibration and a plug-in device that accesses Adobe Photoshop. Furthermore, HP photosmart PRO printers have four HP printheads that have 70 dual-colors and which showcases 8,448 nozzles, making it capable of producing color accurate, evenly pigmented prints that closely represent the image that was taken through the lens and on the computer.

Cost-efficient Ink Supplies – HP photosmart PRO printers have 8 HP 38 Pigment ink cartridges that has new patented waterproof 5 HP Vivera inks. All of these can be individually replaced by photographers such that it will keep the printing costs in line with usage.

Wide Media Range – HP photosmart PRO printers can print using various kinds of papers, from plain photo stock to highly advanced quality media to 1.5 mm-thick papers—all of these HP professional photo printers can handle.

Affordable – You may get hold of all of these exceptional features of a professional printer in a very reasonable and affordable price.

HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer Highlights
19_HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer

One of the best HP photosmart PRO printers is the highly competitive and innovative HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer. The following are its unique and impressive qualities:

  • Exceptional Quality of Prints. HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer uses pigment-based Vivera inks that generates fine-art prints, lab-quality and gallery photos
  • Photos produced by HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer can resist fading more than 200 years
  • With HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer, you can get neutral gray shades and deep dark shadows in black-and-white image prints
  • HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer is water and discoloration proof
  • HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer produced photos dries instantly after printingCost-Efficient Printer
  • You may edit the picture professionally using the Adobe Photoshop plug-in and the built-in color calibration of HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer
  • Prints at an unrivaled rate of less than 1.5 minutes per page and as fast as 10 seconds when the paper has 4×6 dimension
  • Needs affordable and long lasting ink supplies
  • Can print in different photo sizes: passport, panorama, with or without borders around it
  • Has multiple trays for different paper types
  • Built-in ports for Ethernet networks
  • Has a color navigation center that allows you to control and edit the quality of your pictures
  • Has a HP raster option for those who want to mange color professionally

Clearly, the new member of the HP professional photo printers is a self-evident low cost printer that produces highly competitive professional photos that will bring any professional photographer up to his career ladder fast. The Vivera ink technology enables HP photosmart PRO printers to produce lab-like vibrant photos in a very economical amount, while the innovative well-designed editing tools of HP photosmart PRO printers allows the professional user to manage the quality of the photos before printing. HP Photosmart Pro B9180 Photo Printer remains as one of the unmatched testament to the extraordinary performance of the HP photosmart PRO printers. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of HP photosmart PRO printers.

This Article is written by John C Arkin, contributor of Office Supplies Information & Resources.