Troubleshooting Your Crashed / Frozen Apple iPad

Some of you who own iPads may have experienced some problems like crashing or freezing. There’s no need to tear your hair out when this happens to your beloved Apple iPad. Below are some simple tips that you can use to troubleshoot your crashed or frozen iPad.

Restarting your iPad is quite simple and easy to do. Just press and hold down the Hold button for about three seconds or until the slider button appears on the screen. Use the slider button to turn off your iPad, wait for a minute and then turn it on again. If restarting doesn’t work, do a soft reset. Simply press the Home and Hold buttons at the same time. Continue to hold both buttons until you see the screen flash, then turn dark. Wait for about a minute or two before restarting your Apple iPad.

If both restarting and resetting don’t work, try to do a hard reset. Connect your iPad to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes. Click on the “Restore” button. Click on the backup button when prompted to save all your files. Once the restore has been completed, your iPad will restart.

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  • I thought my ipad of done! Thanks for the hard reset tip. IT WORKED!

  • Thanks, the soft reset worked with my IPad2.

  • I was just sick when my ipad wouldn’t turn on this morning. The soft reset did the trick for me. Thanks so much!

  • I was thinking I was going to have to take a trip to the Apple store. The soft reset worked great. Thanks…….

  • great the reset tip saved my trip to apple store.thanks

  • Thank you, I have been trying to figure out all morning how to unfreeze my search screen. The soft reset worked. Thanks again!

  • Thank you – had no idea where to start – soft reset worked for my ipad 2. Very grateful.

  • These instructions worked immediately, however, I did have to figure out the difference between the “home” and the “hold” button. Great instructions.

  • Excellent! It’s nice to be free of the darkness at last thanks to your soft reset tip! Extremely Thankful…………………..

  • You saved me a lot of aggrivation! The soft reset worked for my ipad. Thank you-

  • Thankyou so much- the soft reset worked with my ipad 1- you are a life saver!!

  • Did not work for my ipad.

  • i hit my hard reset, it has been resetting for over an hour
    how long should it take?

  • The soft reset did the trick….. THANK YOU!!!

  • my ipad was frozen with a circle just rotationg – very irratating. anyways, your tip for restarting worked.


  • thank you! thank you! thank you!!! all is good again!!

  • Thanks, guys. I was sure my iPad was a goner. Your reset tip saved me from catastrophe.

  • Thank you, thankyou, thankyou!!!! So glad I found your site. Your tip worked.

  • I was so upset as I thought my iPad was gone for good. The soft rest worked! So glad I didn’t have to buy a new one. Thanks so much!!!!!!

  • Thought my ipad was a gonner!! The soft reset worked a treat. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for the soft reset tip. I was really freaked out when I couldn’t get my ipad to turn on. Your reset tip was a lifesaver.

  • Thanks to my husband for telling me to google the problem and for this site. The soft reset worked. I was ready to throw my ipad across the room,,,,,I was so frustrated as I only had it 2 months. Thank goodness!

  • Can someone help me to fix my Ipad. It didn’t turn on anymore, i tried to do this pressing on both wake and home bottom together many times, it didn’t works. I have i connected my Ipad to the Itunes but still cannot be detected. It’s totally not moving, no signs of working at all.

    Maybe it needs to be opened and check the internal hardware.

  • Thank you very much…excellent advice…it worked with the soft start for my ipad3 ohhh man I was gonna hear it from my husband…I thought my iPad was done…but thank you and god bless u..I will be bookmarking this page for the future just in case

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