What’s the Difference between Kindle For iPad and iBooks?

There are two ways to read eBooks in your Apple iPad. One is through iBook, while the other is through Amazon’s popular Kindle for iPad. Kindle for iPad  gives the reader innovative tools that facilitate reading, like the LED backlight screen, which can be reversed to having a black background with white text to relieve eye stress when reading for lengthy periods of time.

You can also hide the status bar in the Kindle. This bar shows the different settings and options like bookmarking and dictionary. To turn the page, simply press a dedicated button to go to the next one. The Kindle for iPad has a larger selection of eBooks in its store to choose from. It has, to date, about 450,000 eBooks that you can download. Reading and synchronizing books with a lot more tools is what gives the Kindle application more advantage over its counterparts.

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