Where to Find Manuals for Old Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP Printers

Out of all the printer manufacturers, printer models manufactured by Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP have been considered to be the most durable. But even so, the older the printer models become, the higher the chances that your printer would become faulty. While Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP have a number of different accredited service centers, many printer users would rather choose to try to fix this on their own. That is, if they have their printer manual with them. It is a known fact that as time goes on, certain things, such as printer manuals, do get misplaced. Here are some of the best places where you can look to get a copy of manuals for older Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP printer models.

Printer Company’s Website

Most, if not all, printer manufacturers have their own website where they include a support site. Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP offer a manual and printer driver download section in their website. Here, owners of older printer models that manufactured by these companies can find manuals and drivers. However, if you are using a really old printer model, there is also a possibility that the printer model is not included in the download section. In cases like this, Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP would be able to send these to you via postal mail for a fee.

Computer Stores

Another place where you can look for manuals for your older printer models is your local computer store. Because most computer stores carry various Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP printer models, you can easily check with them if they would have the manual for your printer. This is possible if your printer was purchased within the past five years.

The Internet

Aside from the website of printer manufacturers, you can find manuals for your old Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP printer models on various websites over the Internet. Some of these websites carry manuals for all printer manufacturers. Others would only provide manuals for just a few brands. How you get the printer manuals for your Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP printer models also differ. In some cases, you are able to download this free of charge. In other cases, you can download the manual with a fee. Still others would require you to order these printer manuals. Most of the printer manuals offered in these websites have been previously used. As such, the printer manuals that you would receive from these websites would often have notes, highlights and the like. This is particularly the case when you would need to have the printer manual sent over via postal mail. This being the case, it is important to make sure that you carefully inspect the terms and conditions of the website before making a purchase.

A Final Note

Misplacing manuals of your Dell, Lexmark, Samsung and HP can be extremely frustrating, especially when you need it the most. One way to avoid this in the future is to produce a copy of your printer manual. You can do this by scanning the pages of the printer manual and then collating this in a PDF file. Although this process can be quite tedious, it does save you the trouble of looking for a copy of your printer manual later on.

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