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What Is OTT Advertising Using Geofencing Precision?

Over-the-top advertising, also known as ott advertising, is the newest cool kid in town. It’s like the ideal fusion of focus and reach—a marriage made in heaven. However, what precisely is OTT marketing, and how does it work with geofencing? Let me simplify things for you.

Advertising delivered over the top (OTT) includes that which appears on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, among other streaming services. It’s a new method of connecting with viewers cutting the cord, and giving up traditional cable and satellite TV. In addition, you can target particular demographics with OTT advertising, including age, gender, region, and interests.

You now have a winning formula when you include geofencing in the mix. Using geofencing, you may pinpoint a specific geographic area, even down to the street level. It’s similar to being able to reach every resident of a particular neighborhood without having to knock on every door.